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(Sep 05, 2016)
We're dye-ing to see you again, Tsuga.
(Sep 04, 2016)
We miss you, Tsuga!
(Sep 04, 2016)
Having some computer issues, which is why I have not been on for the past few days. I should return soon. -Tsuga
(Aug 06, 2016)
Adh finally beat the first boss in TotDT but on t1. With enough heals, dps, and debuffs, it's pretty doable.
(Jul 30, 2016)
Grats, Key! I wish Adh was there with you.
(Jul 30, 2016)
Finally beat the First boss in the Throne of the Dread Terror raid on tier 2. Yay!!!!!
(Jul 22, 2016)
To any kinsfolk/allies lucky enough to go to San Diego Comic-Con International 2016...Have a wonderful adventure and come back safe! =)
(Jul 17, 2016)
(Jul 16, 2016)
Can't make the raid tonight... again. *sigh* One of these times I'll be able to join again...
(Jul 15, 2016)
Hey guys I found this shirt some of you might like
(Jul 05, 2016)
Wheeee, 18.2 is here!
(Jul 04, 2016)
Independence...spelling fail....sigh
(Jul 04, 2016)
Happy Indepence Day to all my American kinnen!!! =)
(Jun 19, 2016)
Happy Father's Day to all kinnen Dads! =)
(Jun 02, 2016)
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
(May 19, 2016)
Oh god, no :(
(May 19, 2016)
that was Jere :(
(May 19, 2016)
Please can someone tell me what Ronnie coopers ingame name was, ive just seen the sad news that he passed away yesterday :,( he was on my fb under oathsworn but i cannot remember an in game name.
(May 15, 2016)
Thanks! Oh, wait... nevermind.
(May 09, 2016)
Happy Mother's Day to all kinnen Moms!