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(Oct 30, 2016)
Happy Halloween, 'Sworn!
(Oct 18, 2016)
Update download in progress... whee!
(Oct 16, 2016)
(Oct 16, 2016)
I tore my arm playing rugby. Had surgery a few weeks ago so it's pretty painful and useless. Which is bad because it's my dominant arm
(Oct 11, 2016)
Still fiddling with my computer, might not make it on until tomorrow.
(Oct 09, 2016)
Hear, even
(Oct 09, 2016)
Shipping on my computer part will take a bit longer than I hoped. Maybe Tuesday? Glad to here you are settling in, Miri. What's the status of that arm, Belaas?
(Oct 09, 2016)
I moved! And finally got around to setting up the internet. Hope to be back on soon.
(Oct 08, 2016)
*fails at sneaking because i cant crawl around to sneak because my arm is in a sling*
(Oct 08, 2016)
*sneaks into the shoutbox* hi guys
(Oct 08, 2016)
...about time.
(Oct 08, 2016)
I have finally created an account here!
(Oct 06, 2016)
Computer problems again might be back in two days or so
(Oct 02, 2016)
Almost finished my move. Miss y'all!
(Sep 26, 2016)
LOL... "Hal and his Raiders" It makes us sound like the Avengers or the Justice League.
(Sep 22, 2016)
Gah! I hit Enter too soon. I was trying to say Awwww... I miss your mistyping, Miri.
(Sep 21, 2016)
Awwww... I
(Sep 09, 2016)
My graphics card isn't working. I hae to figure out what's going on. Hope to see you guys agian sooner than later. :)
(Sep 07, 2016)
My new HDD has arrived, I now have space to install stuff.I might show up later tonight.
(Sep 05, 2016)