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(Sep 22, 2014)
Hi guys, im so sorry ive been so absent just lately! :(
(Sep 15, 2014)
That's great news, Lilly.
(Sep 11, 2014)
I wold like to Thank all those that supported me and prayed for my father. He Is out of surgery and so far doing well. Thank you all for your prayers.
(Sep 11, 2014)
*mans the earplug vending machine*
(Sep 05, 2014)
Ow... my ears!
(Sep 04, 2014)
*Yells* HI CARE!
(Sep 04, 2014)
(so very quiet)
(Aug 21, 2014)
*Hands Tokki a mop and a trash bag* Get to work!
(Aug 17, 2014)
Tokki grabbed a shiny axe and gave that orc 40 whacks...and now there's a mess to clean up!
(Aug 12, 2014)
*waits for access to a computer that can run lotro...*
(Jul 31, 2014)
Band camp ends tomorrow then ill be on later in the day :) :) :) :)
(Jul 27, 2014)
Moving House wont be on for the next few days till I have everything sorted! Enjoy the festival for me! :)
(Jul 19, 2014)
waiting for update then im on
(Jul 19, 2014)
YAY i get to get on today :D
(Jul 17, 2014)
Does anybody use the chat thing that this website has ??? just wondering
(Jul 14, 2014)
Facebook says the games up early! All you naysayers :P
(Jul 13, 2014)
*i miss the sworn* hope to be on soon but idk when that day may be*
(Jul 04, 2014)
Happy 4th all!
(Jul 04, 2014)
Is the 4th of july on the 15th or 16th? :P
(Jul 04, 2014)
mt = my...sigh