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(Jan 02, 2016)
Happy New Year to all 'Sworn!!! :D
(Dec 30, 2015)
thanks Hallolf! cheers!
(Dec 30, 2015)
i just got back and deleted my old char, anyone free to reinvite me in kin? thanks
(Dec 30, 2015)
Hi there! happy holidays everyone!
(Dec 28, 2015)
Hello everyone!!!!
(Dec 25, 2015)
Merry Christmas, Oathsworn, one and all! *hugs*
(Dec 12, 2015)
Missing you too, and everyone else...Retail Holidays are awful! :(
(Dec 10, 2015)
Missing you guys!
(Nov 27, 2015)
There is NO such thing as a happy black friday...especially when you work in retail lol
(Nov 27, 2015)
Happy Black Friday
(Nov 26, 2015)
Happy Thanksgiving, Oathsworn!
(Nov 25, 2015)
Happy Thanksgiving to all whom celebrate it!!! :)
(Nov 16, 2015)
Get it together, Vers :)
(Nov 15, 2015)
This awesome cheese I am eating is making it better. ..No lie... I just bit that same spot again. Going to cry now.
(Nov 15, 2015)
I just bit through my lib... :(
(Nov 12, 2015)
anybody having loading issues on log in?
(Nov 12, 2015)
Anyone else having password trouble on the log in screen?
(Nov 11, 2015)
(Nov 02, 2015)
i hope you had a very happy halloween as well kimi :)
(Nov 01, 2015)
I went to a party and watched horror movies :D