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Mini-Expansion Coming in October

Elantine / Sep 12, 2020
War of Three Peaks includes a raid, a 6-person instance, and more than 80 missions. Missions are their own thing, but you can roughly scope them to be in the range of 2-3 quests each, and there will be at least 80 of them. Players will begin to see the scope of the content when it arrives on Bullroarer in the near future. The main thing is that Missions are larger in scope than your typical LOTRO quest, and will be available to play by one or two people together between levels 20 and 130. The raid and instance will release with the rest of War of Three Peaks, and will be included in the $20 expansion. -Cordovan

Here's a more in-depth article from MMORPG.

Boar Mounts (War Pigs?)
No Level Cap increase
New Raid

Does NOT replace the Gundabad expansion coming next Spring.


I think it'd be weird to see an Elf on a Boar Mount.
A hobbit on a boar? :o
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