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Our Kin-iversery is only a month away!!!

Kimiakane / Feb 27, 2019
Heyla, Kind Kinnen all! As some of you know, and others may not know, our kinship was officially founded on 3/30/2007 (although we actually formed before that date in beta)! This means that our 12th Anniversary will be on Saturday, March 30th, 2019...yes, we will be a Dozen Years old!!! Very few kinships can still lay claim to that historic honor but we can (as can some of our allied kins as well)! I encourage any and all of you to reach out and try to contact old kinsfolk and ask them to pencil in Saturday, 3/30/19 to come in world and celebrate with us. Yes, I have taken a vacation day from work and have cleared things with the family so that I can be here too! If anyone can try to organize any fun events, games or anything to help bring some fun to the day, please do not hesitate to plan & initiate it. The OO and I will be looking forward to gathering for grand pastimes with you all!



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