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Kimiakane / Mar 31, 2019
I want to heartfully thank ELANTINE for organizing the events this year for our kin's birthday! We had a total of 3 SO (Senior Officers) in attendance this year and a few OO (Oathsworn Officers) as well. There were a few kinsfolk who logged in today also. There are very few kins still active after a dozen years, but we are one of the lucky few. I was very pleased with what Elan achieved today and we can't thank her enough for her efforts! Please extend your appreciation the next chance you get! Let's try to make our 13th Kin-iversary even better next year! ;-)
Elantine / Mar 28, 2019
Thanks to all that answered the poll. We did not have any clear winner of time. So here's the plan (all times Server):

  • Noon Meet at the Kin House for a Picture, then let's run the Hedge Maze
  • 4pm Meet at the Kin House for a Picture, then SNOWBALL FIGHT
  • 9pm Meet at the Kin House for a Picture, then let's Kick some Shrews
Kimiakane / Feb 27, 2019
Heyla, Kind Kinnen all! As some of you know, and others may not know, our kinship was officially founded on 3/30/2007 (although we actually formed before that date in beta)! This means that our 12th Anniversary will be on Saturday, March 30th, 2019...yes, we will be a Dozen Years old!!! Very few kinships can still lay claim to that historic honor but we can (as can some of our allied kins as well)! I encourage any and all of you to reach out and try to contact old kinsfolk and ask them to pencil in Saturday, 3/30/19 to come in world and celebrate with us. Yes, I have taken a vacation day from work and have cleared things with the family so that I can be here too! If anyone can try to organize any fun events, games or anything to help bring some fun to the day, please do not hesitate to plan & initiate it. The OO and I will be looking forward to gathering for grand pastimes with you all!