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Nick Name: Dove
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America
State/Province: California (PST)
Long-time MMO gamer and 6 year LOTRO player who loves the game and enjoys soloing and exploring (and crafting) but is also amenable to 3-6 man instances or casual grouping. Doveflight is my main, only because she is my first 100 (hunter). I have played every combo of race/class, even bought the Beorning but wasn't wowed by it, but I have a bad tendency to delete characters I get bored with or leave them on other servers. I have played this fine game since March 2009--off and on--sometimes I take short hiatuses, and have "lived" on 3 servers. I don't RP but I respect it and wouldn't mind learning lite-RP. I'm a middle-aged female gamer from California (Pacific Standard Time, 3 hrs. earlier than the U.S. east coast for reference) who previously played WoW, EQ2, Rift, and GW2. My husband also plays off and on in long spurts, but he is on another server and enjoys playing solo, so he is fine with me leaving him there alone :) I left the game for about 8 months last year, then came back and was playing solo when I happened across an old forum recruitment from Kimi and checked to see if the kin was still going strong, and amazingly it was! So many people have left the game and I am tired of being solo in ghost towns, so I paid to transfer two of my fave characters over here and to this kin. Well worth it! I don't play as much on weekends and my son usually comes home from college then to visit, and during the week I am mostly on in daytime but that doesn't mean I won't do nighttime events if planned in advance. Anyway, that's my story...
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