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Changes to Flower Grind Coming Soon

by Elantine on Dec 23, 2016 at 10:13 AM}
These changes are planned to be available in our next patch.

North Ithilien
The quest “Assisting the Herbalists: North Ithilien”, will now reward a "Pouch of Ithilien Essence Fragments", the same item available by completing the Yule Festival dailies.
The North Ithilien repeatable quests introduced in 19.2 will award a Forager’s basket.

Ithilien-infused Essences
The chance for an incomparable Ithilien-infused Essence to roll a Legendary instead is 10%. We will be increasing this value.
We will add an option where a Legendary Ithilien-infused Essence is guaranteed.

So don't make your Essences yet! Save up for the better change for Gold.

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Thank you! I was going to do that tonight, now I'll wait :)
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