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[Pinned] Confused about Damage Type?

For those of us who get confused when confronted with "damage type" options: Ancient Dwarf: Dragon kind and Cave-clawsBeleriand: Half-orcs, Spiders, Insects and Ancient evilWesternesse: Dead, Unseen and Gaunt-menLight: Goblins, orcs, Trolls and Sp...
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[Pinned] Playing Music in LOTRO

Click Here to download the Oathsworn Songbook (Version 7.6, uploaded October 23th, 2014)Note: This post is very long, but it's broken into sections which, together, cover everything about playing music in LOTRO you will likely ever need to know, i...
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[Pinned] Emoting Deeds
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[Pinned] Emoting Deeds

This post is compliments of Arondel, taken from our old kin site.Reputation Social Alluring Receive 100 /flirt emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day. Reward - Title: the Alluring Befuddling Receive 100 /confused emotes. This ca...
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Discord Setup

How to setup and use Discord:Discord is a free app that runs on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Ios, Android). It is organized into "Servers". The Oathsworn has one (thanks Mae!) as do most kins and groups. Within a server, it has both chat...
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Allegiance Info

Thank you Mina for sharing this helpful info:to speed up leveling with allegiances, complete the intro for each allegiance. for each allegiance not max'd out, you will get a quest (every day or so) from each allegiance that can be completed withi...
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U21 Stat Caps

I found this the other day, figured I should post the link here.
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18.2 Tier 2 stats / Essence Calculator

Hey all, found a good site that lays out pretty clearly what's needed to be able to run the newer instances on T2/challenge. Tier 2 StatsAnd here is an essence calculator to help you plan out your essence build. (My current one on my captain, once...
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All About Imbuing

Long and well written guide to Imbued LIs
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All About Essences

This is a very comprehensive guide to essences:
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How-to for Ruined City tier 2 speed runs

Hello all,After many tries and failed attempts I've got a workable strategy for a t2 Ruined City run that does NOT involve killing either of the first two bosses or the majority of the trash pulls, thus cutting down on time consumption.Starting ou...
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Pelargir - 6 Player Edition

Hi all, was grouped with some randoms for a Pel run, and they did a *very* different approach to the normal one that I see most times with kinnies/whiserwindians (everyone in engineer/officer trees, traps, and so on). It uses the vanguard line rat...
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Adding Characters

As of today in the WHAT'S NEW section i can see that Fyrebaum added multiple characters to ?Example: Fyrebaum added the charatcter Sammycat6 hours agoNot sure what this means or how to do it as I would imagine he is adding his alts to show who hi...
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Questing Regions by Level

Levels 1-6Quests for these levels are the Introduction Quests, appropriate to your race. Levels 5-15Each race has a specific starting area, but you may decide for whichever area and easily travel there via Swift Travel for 1 Silver at a Stable-ma...
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Bree Parkour

Here is a good resource for exploring the rooftops of Bree: usually start behind the scholar's stair, but these are easier.Also, I made it into the dwarf quarter the other day. It was fun.
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Goblin Town Map

By request, I brought over the map that SinomeRae posted on the old site. Enjoy!Goblin Town Map
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A-Maze-ing Map

Hey all, I made a map for the hedge maze in Breeland. Hope it helps with the new layout and all.Rae
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How do you add pictures to the Thread

Hi all,I didn't know where else to post this, so, as the title says..... How do I add pictures to a thread instead of in the picture gallery?I would love to post some pictures and add some comments to each one, however I did not find a way to do t...
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So you just bought The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG. Did you know that LOTRO is an MMORPG? It stands for Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game. Here in the Oathsworn, we had a history of being one of the very few RP (Role-playing) kinsh...
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