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Update 17 Known Issues

Update 17 Known IssuesGraphics Settings - Teleporting between Minas Tirith interiors/exteriors/Epic Battles can cause out of memory crashes when playing on High/Very High/Ultra High graphics settings for some users.Hammer of the Underworld - Grond...
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Update 16.4 Release Notes

General•The Osgiliath Song-protector's Armour Piercing Cry cooldown reduction set bonus no longer stacks with the Hytbold Skald or Lesser Skjald of the West sets.•Upon logging in, players should receive their World Consolidation Giftboxes.Cosmetic...
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Crickhollow Event!

Looks like a wonderful opportunity to check out Crickhollow for those of you who already have toons there, or want to make a new one!
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VOTE Here for the Server Merger

Here we go...first, before voting, I need everyone to understand that this actually involves MORE than just our kinship only. All of us have built friendships within our allied kins and I am sure we would like to maintain those friendships after t...
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Server Merger

According to this article will only be 5 NA servers staying. I question if Windfola will be one of the lucky 5 (and you know 2 of them will be Landroval and Brandywine, so it's really Lu...
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Ettenmoors Pvp video

Hey all- I just wanted to share with you; especially y'all kin moors fanatics the new (and first) video I made pvping on my burg within the Ettenmoors. Enjoy :)
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Just something I wrote about our Kinship

Here ye all, listen to my tale, for tis a tale of the Great and Mighty Oathsworn and all our Valiant Sister Kin. We beseech thee O Saroun the Terrible Tyrant, send us your Orcs, send them legion upon legion so that we may sharpen our Blades upon t...
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I can't explain why... but prolly most active folks have noticed I've been doing a LOT of deeding this past week. Prolly gonna continue for a bit... beyond doing dailies for Jeremiya in DA... ONCE he finishes his current set of deeds.Anywho... op...
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Kin shenanigans!

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Returning.....for real!

I don't know if many of you will remember me, it's been a while since Fereiwar has returned to Middle Earth (If I remember correctly, right after Dol-Amroth released), but now I finally have enough space to run LOTRO in addition to my other games,...
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Our 8th Anniversary Party!!!

As many of you may be aware, our kin's 8th Anniversary is quickly coming upon us...yes, we will officially be 8 years old on 3/30/2015! We need to reach out to all the kin's former SO and Co-leaders to see if we can get them to make an appearance ...
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Looking for Help

Hi kin I got Epic. Volume 11. book 9 Quest to defeat GOROTHUL in Sammath Gul but its a 6 man/women instance.So i am writing this to see if anyone will HELP i will be very great full of the help. so if you can please mail me and we sort out a run.t...
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Server mergers are coming!
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Instances and Runs

Hey all , it's Leafbold here , how's it going ? I would like to ask if we can perhaps introduce an instance/run system much like Halandion's taken to organise raids ? I know most of the kinship has high level toons so they are usually interested i...
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LOTRO Music Playlist

Got a favorite piece of music in-game, and want to listen to it again and again? Well here you go, here's a huge playlist of the music from LOTRO. Enjoy!
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Broke and Turbine can't fix me!

So Turbine must have really screwed something up for them to be down this long. My guess is it has something to do with them making money. They have never had a problem throwing out a broken game for us as long as they were still making money.
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This is just a test thread to see if everyone can/can't post to the site. Some members are having troubles with the site and we are trying see if its the site or members' web browser. Feel free to post. :)
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LotRO Music Thread

Okay, since the FAQ thread is about how to play/make music for LotRO, I thought I'd make a new one here for general use.But first, I'd like to introduce you to a newly formed band:The Three Farrow Three (Plus)Backstory - Earlier tonight, I wandere...
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Hekaton's LI (Legendary Items) Advice

I've seen a lot of questions recently in kin chat about LIs. As always, the kind kinnen of the Oathsworn are happy to answer any questions you have and Kimi and Versus have both posted links to external sites which provide overviews of Legendary I...
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Here is a short little song I wrote about our Kin.

I wrote this short song about our Kinship about 30 minutes ago so don't judge it too harshly, lol. And Versus you mentioned helping me out with it so feel free to take it and add too or take away from to make it better cause it's really more of a ...
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