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[Pinned] World Consolidation in a nutshell for the oathsworn!

So we all know windfola is closing. *sad face*First point - Read your kin mails! we dont send them for the fun of it.Second- We are moving to Crickhollow, why? because that's what we as a kin voted for.Third- We are 4th or 5th on the list to move....
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Remember the Heroes of the 'Sworn!!!

The next time you visit Michel Delving, please stop by the Shrine of the Bounder's Bounty. The totem for WINDFOLA has the names of the Top 50 players of the server who competed in outstanding tests of skill and combat. For those who don't know, be...
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Rohan Housing - Eastfold Hills - Cranhoe Neighborhood

So for anyone who is considering buying a Rohan house, I have purchased the Mead Hall in the subject line neighborhood, and there are several deluxe houses available. Come on down and make it a kin neighborhood!
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Avatar Update Visible

So in addition to the new theme music on the login screen, we now see "Avatar Update Visible" and clearly the faces on most (all?) of my toons is different now. Do we have a choice on keeping our original faces or is this a forced update? If it is...
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Thoughts on the pre-release of Mordor

Like many of you, I was shocked and, I'll admit, a bit outraged when I saw the prices being charged for the different Mordor packages (link below). My ire was furthered when I learned that this new expansion would not be available for points (form...
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Hidden t2 mitigation caps

Was having a conversation with Mae about this the other day and couldn't find the source material easily. So, our conversation re-kindled my interest and now I've been able to find enough on this to bring it to everyone's attention.http://ng.guil...
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So you want to raid....

I know at least a few of us are wanting to try the new raid, but since I don't know how many people have the gear or stats for it I thought I would post some guidelines to help people with working on their goals for being able to do it. Please not...
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Minas Tirith vs Dol Amroth

I'm curious to know if the Minas Tirith Daily quests are similar to Dol Amroth quests with regards to essence farming?As it is right now, I'm very close to Minas Tirith quest wise, but still have my milestone set in Dol Amroth in order to do daily...
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Quest Pack Questions

I need some advice.I don't have any quest packs beyond Rohan/Helms deep.In what order should I purchase the Gondor quest packs? Is there a Gondor Combo Pack?Is any one quest pack more crucial then others?At 95 LM, I don't have any armor with esse...
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LOTRO plug ins or apps

I've seen some videos of players screens using these. Can someone explain these and what they use, where to find them?Thanks!
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9th Anniversary of Dawning Eclipse!

Chicken to Bree RaceAndThe Sinister Random RaceOn: Sat 7 May 9:00pm Eastern Time Sun 8 May 1:00pm NZ Time Sun 8 May 11:00am Syd/Mel TimeMeet: Kinhouse 2 Chalk Road, Ellmead, Shire Homesteads, CrickhollowFurther details check: wel...
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Lvl 105 Essences

I'm hearing that the new essences in U18 will be crafted, and require Morgul Crests to barter for the recipie. Guess that means I will be needing to do a *lot* of T2/C Osgiliath runs, as well as the new instances. Anyone game for them?
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GA Runs

Innetra is of a level to start running GA (Ivar and company) rather regularly. Is anyone interested in doing this, especially lower level kinnies? It's two three man instances and a six man instance.
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Fun with cartography

As I wandered around online, I found these maps of Middle-Earth. But they are no ordinary maps; rather, they depict how LOTRO developed in various stages by showing us overhead views of Arda. Though the latest map doesn't go past Moria (so no Dunl...
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"One does not simply walk into Mordor"... but will we?

As we look toward the next expansion (whenever that may be), I am curious as to whether or not we will venture into Mordor. This article... well on it ...
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Dungeons of Dol Guldur - guaging interest

Would anyone be interested in attempting this in one of our raids? (or any other time, really... )Seems fairly complex and requires a bunch of teamwork, so it should be fun, even if one is over-levelled. It does scale as well... Please check out t...
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Kin Housing

As many of you know, in the Windfola server, we had 3 neighborhoods which were exclusively ours and we had all 12 kin houses in those 3 neighborhoods. I personally feel those 12 houses were never used as I had envisioned they would be which was fo...
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Sunday Night Skirms

Starting this Sunday (12/6/15) at 8 PM EST our allies in the Windfola Alliance would like to start having level 100 Skirms! Please notify Jazzmine of the Thorns of Telperion via letter, tell or use the WA chat channel if you would like to join in!
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Update 17 Hotfix 2 Release Notes

We have made additional updates to Minas Tirith and the Pelennor Fields to improve performance.Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instance quests no longer drop Morgul Crests. Morgul Crest rewards will return to level 100 Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliat...
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Update 17 Release Notes.

Update 17 Release NotesNew Region: Old AnórienExplore the besieged city of Minas Tirith, ancient seat of the Kingdom of Gondor. Outside the fortress city, the Enemy has broken through the walls of Pelennor Field, and their forces now assemble and ...
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