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Just my opinion, but.....

I think the current Poll is rigged
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Happy New Year To Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I also Hope that this is a great Year for everyone! That Everyone stays safe, secure, and healthy throughout the Year. Hugs and lots of Love!!!Love you All!!Lillyian
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Jump Around, Jump Around, Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down!

With apologies to House of Pain and their 1998 hit, I am posing a question regarding how we travel in our adventures throughout Middle-Earth. With my main, Khorilas, I did all the epics, ventured through all the regions I had access to at the time...
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Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate this time of year!

I wish every one of you the absolute best of peaceful celebrations and may they bring family and friends close to you to make warm, everlasting memories! *group hugs all around* :D
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Balder's gate: Dark alliance or trouble in the back water station control!

So my wife pulled out my old ps2 and has been playing BG DA with our 4 year old son. He really seems to like it. I also am getting him a brand new computer for Christmas. So I think it might be time to introduce him to lotro! You might all see a L...
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Life.. uhg..

So yeah. I am sitting here getting things together for the office move. (Back story- my boss sold her business. Supposedly I still am gainfully employed with the new owner)Found out today that not only is the move happening without me knowing anyt...
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Skirmish Level Gear vs Crafted level Gear

Is a full set of gear that is available at the skirmish vendors via marks considered properly balanced for that particular class/level?I was curious about this because of something that Spilo posted on the LOTRO forums.He basically said "its bette...
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Mirkwood and Dol Guldor

I finally made it through Mirkwood to Dul Guldor and I was shocked to see it empty! I can ride through the whole place untouched. I made it to the last settlement and got the quests to do the Wargs and Captains quests in Dul Goldor, but I will...
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Get Deed Quest needed for "Retaking Dol Amroth"

In this quest, starting out as "Training Exercise" outside of Dol Amroth, where all the factions are standing outside in the field, Retaking Dol Amroth ...BEFORE talking to any faction (Library, Warehouse, Docks, etc.), bring up your Deed Log, Gon...
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The Hobbit's Last Goodbye -Billy Boyd''When it came to finally bid farewell to Middle-earth after 16 years and six epic films, Peter Jackson gave the last word to one of the original members of the Fellowship. ...
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Happy Halloween!

Hi kinnies! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween (or Reformation Day or All Hallows Eve or whatever it is you celebrate).Enjoy the candy comas ;)PS: Have a picture of my face. :P
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Naming your new Class/Race

Just curious if anyone reserved (as on a trash toon) an amusing or cool name for the Beorning they intend to roll. Or am I the only one goofy enough to do that ahead of time...hmm
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Mining Ore

Hey there kinners!!I noticed that there are guides for the hides and wood farming, I was wondering if there was one that gave a general idea of where the ore is. Like what kind is where? If you can direct me in case I looked over it - that would b...
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6 LOTR game bundle for Steam for $9.99 has a LOTR game bundle special going on, $9.99 for eight Steam keys. Included are: LEGO The Hobbit LEGO The Hobbit - Complete DLC Pack Lord of the Rings: War in the North Guardians of Middle-earth Guardians of Middle-earth: Smaug...
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New Alt

Hey there everyone. I have a new alt to myself that I would like to add to the kin. Tinurain A woman human champion. Just started. I fingured since Neafron and Galideth are pretty advanced and I do not have my VIP right now, I wanted to start a ...
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The Great Hobnanigans Turtle Invasion

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bree-town. This is a true tale from the Windfola server. It actually happened, but I did take some creative liberties... and guessed at numbers. Enjoy.The Great Hobnanigans Turtle InvasionOnce upon a time, in t...
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Some art for the Kin

Here is some art I have done over last year and a bit, I wasn't going to show it but was convinced otherwise. So here you go guys :)
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Nobody Expects the ...

Based on Whisperwind this morning, quite a few Kinsters are into Monty Python. This has me in tears every time I watch it
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Happy Father's Day

Would like to wish all you dad's and mom's who get to play that roll as well, A Happy Father's Day!
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Upcoming Release

Hello Kin,Ive been following the new release to see if it will be good or not, there appear to be some good and some not so good changes. Anyways for those intrested can follow this link.
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