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Guides And FAQs

Goblin Town Map

By request, I brought over the map that SinomeRae posted on the old site. Enjoy!Goblin Town Map
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General Discussion

Happy Father's Day

Would like to wish all you dad's and mom's who get to play that roll as well, A Happy Father's Day!
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General Discussion

Upcoming Release

Hello Kin,Ive been following the new release to see if it will be good or not, there appear to be some good and some not so good changes. Anyways for those intrested can follow this link.
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

Rules on becoming a Sister-Kinship with the Oathsworn

1) The 2 Leaders of the sub-kin should each pick a minimum of one toon to bring into the main kinship. More alts are welcome but only 1 each is required. Any and all other officers that wish to do the same are encouraged to do so but it is not req...
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General Discussion

Last minute chicken quests

Hey guys, sorry it's a bit late but Rae and I have been talking about doing some Chicken Runs tonight and wanted to see who else might want to do it. For those of you who don't know information about the chicken quests can be found here. Rae knows...
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General Discussion

Making my return!

Hi everyone, so it's been a while! I had no idea where to post this announcement so I came here :P as I previously mentioned, I had to leave the game for a week or so due to RL stuff, then once that had all calmed down, my boyfriend got knocked of...
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Guides And FAQs

A-Maze-ing Map

Hey all, I made a map for the hedge maze in Breeland. Hope it helps with the new layout and all.Rae
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General Discussion

Neafron's Foods

So like I was telling a bunch of you guys a few days ago - am really good at cooking. It is one of my RL hobbies. ^_^I wanted to share with you guy some food that I make and if you like I can give you recipes. While I know most 'typical' gamers do...
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General Discussion

Suggestion for the Weekly Raids

Although we already send out a weekly mail alerting others of the whens and whats of the raid, perhaps it'd also be nice to have a forum topic alerting others? It'd also be easier to follow links to walkthroughs and such from the website itself, i...
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LOTRO Central

Broke and Turbine can't fix me!

So Turbine must have really screwed something up for them to be down this long. My guess is it has something to do with them making money. They have never had a problem throwing out a broken game for us as long as they were still making money.
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LOTRO Central


This is just a test thread to see if everyone can/can't post to the site. Some members are having troubles with the site and we are trying see if its the site or members' web browser. Feel free to post. :)
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

Not really a Policy, just a Chat FYI

Let's assume your main character has achieved level 50 and has his/her first LI (Legendary Item). There is a lot of work that goes into that item. Deconstructing LIs you don't need so that you have gems & settings to combine and forge relics t...
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Guides And FAQs

How do you add pictures to the Thread

Hi all,I didn't know where else to post this, so, as the title says..... How do I add pictures to a thread instead of in the picture gallery?I would love to post some pictures and add some comments to each one, however I did not find a way to do t...
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LOTRO Central

LotRO Music Thread

Okay, since the FAQ thread is about how to play/make music for LotRO, I thought I'd make a new one here for general use.But first, I'd like to introduce you to a newly formed band:The Three Farrow Three (Plus)Backstory - Earlier tonight, I wandere...
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General Discussion

How to skin a Hunter

We seem to have an infestation of hunters running around the kin! I suggest we deal with this problem before it spreads any further. Failure to do so could have dire consequences. I propose we all rally together to end this most vile threat!BAHAHA...
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General Discussion

Anybody play on a Macbook pro?

I'm going to be buying a new laptop in the near future and was seriously considering a Macbook pro for work/school (photoshop/logos software) but I have no idea how it will handle lotro. Has anybody used the Mac client? I've only ever used a PC fo...
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Guides And FAQs


So you just bought The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG. Did you know that LOTRO is an MMORPG? It stands for Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game. Here in the Oathsworn, we had a history of being one of the very few RP (Role-playing) kinsh...
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General Discussion

Kin Cookbook

As many of you know, I've been writing a LOTRO cookbook. I am currently in the "taking pictures of food" stage, so it may be a while. In the meantime, here's a thread to post recipes! ^^ (Like any good hobbit I love food a little too much, and lov...
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General Discussion

Update 13.1

Update 13.1 goes live on Monday! Patch notes from the Beta HERE.Actual changes may vary slightly. I'll post a link when the 'official' patch notes come out.Good news though! They are actually going to attempt to fix the champ redline! Why its take...
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The Crafting Hall

Farming Wood

Compliments of Galirian, an excellent link with the lore and secrets for farming wood in Middle Earth!Wood and Where To Farm It
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