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Carn Dum and Urugarth

These areas are a bane... for those of us that do class quests of about the lvl 45+ areas.Carn Dum and Urugarth... in the beginning... was the END GAME when LOTRO launched... so it is HARD and meant for FULL groups of very good players... if playe...
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General Discussion

My mini figure collection

I finished collecting series 2 of the hobbit mini figures from "blind bags" :D
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Just something I wrote about our Kinship

Here ye all, listen to my tale, for tis a tale of the Great and Mighty Oathsworn and all our Valiant Sister Kin. We beseech thee O Saroun the Terrible Tyrant, send us your Orcs, send them legion upon legion so that we may sharpen our Blades upon t...
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LOTRO Central


I can't explain why... but prolly most active folks have noticed I've been doing a LOT of deeding this past week. Prolly gonna continue for a bit... beyond doing dailies for Jeremiya in DA... ONCE he finishes his current set of deeds.Anywho... op...
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Crafting Requests


My Loremaster is now Eastemnet Master Jeweller. I am able to craft items with item levels into the 90's so if anyone needs anything just let me know via boards or in-game mail.I'm always happy to help!
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Kin shenanigans!

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Returning.....for real!

I don't know if many of you will remember me, it's been a while since Fereiwar has returned to Middle Earth (If I remember correctly, right after Dol-Amroth released), but now I finally have enough space to run LOTRO in addition to my other games,...
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Halp! Please! (Or not..)

*Whispers* I can't talk for long...i think it is watching's been a week already that this thing called Steam has kidnapped me and won't let me go...It approached me one day with a good deal about a game and it was too sweet to pass
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Let it Go/Lotr Parody! it out! lol
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Our 8th Anniversary Party!!!

As many of you may be aware, our kin's 8th Anniversary is quickly coming upon us...yes, we will officially be 8 years old on 3/30/2015! We need to reach out to all the kin's former SO and Co-leaders to see if we can get them to make an appearance ...
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Pelargir - 6 Player Edition

Hi all, was grouped with some randoms for a Pel run, and they did a *very* different approach to the normal one that I see most times with kinnies/whiserwindians (everyone in engineer/officer trees, traps, and so on). It uses the vanguard line rat...
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Looking for Help

Hi kin I got Epic. Volume 11. book 9 Quest to defeat GOROTHUL in Sammath Gul but its a 6 man/women instance.So i am writing this to see if anyone will HELP i will be very great full of the help. so if you can please mail me and we sort out a run.t...
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Crafting Requests


My loremaster recently hit 77, and I was wondering if someone could assist me in crafting a staff. I can help with the materials. Just leave me a message here or pm.Thanks!
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General Discussion

Won't be logging in with much frequency for a while

Hi Kinnies:I won't be able to log in with a lot of frequency for a couple months. I'm taking 5 classes this semester, but I'll try to log in every now and then - gotta say hi and collect hobbit rewards at least :)
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General Discussion


I play all of my games via Steam, and enjoy conversing with people outside of lotro. If anyone else plays on Steam you are welcome to come find me or post here so that others can find you. ^^Steam Name: Saffique
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More fun

Well I go in for surgery on my ankle on Wed morning (Dec 31). Gotta get a plate put in and both bones in my lower leg screwed together. See you guys in game.
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Just my opinion, but.....

I think the current Poll is rigged
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Adding Characters

As of today in the WHAT'S NEW section i can see that Fyrebaum added multiple characters to ?Example: Fyrebaum added the charatcter Sammycat6 hours agoNot sure what this means or how to do it as I would imagine he is adding his alts to show who hi...
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Server mergers are coming!
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Happy New Year To Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! I also Hope that this is a great Year for everyone! That Everyone stays safe, secure, and healthy throughout the Year. Hugs and lots of Love!!!Love you All!!Lillyian
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