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General Discussion

New Event

I am starting an event called the Birthday Bash. Every month I will throw a birthday party for the members of kin in that month. The celebrations will be when I can be on I will mark it on the calendar when I know I am available. In light of this,...
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Sunday Night Skirms

Starting this Sunday (12/6/15) at 8 PM EST our allies in the Windfola Alliance would like to start having level 100 Skirms! Please notify Jazzmine of the Thorns of Telperion via letter, tell or use the WA chat channel if you would like to join in!
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Update 17 Hotfix 2 Release Notes

We have made additional updates to Minas Tirith and the Pelennor Fields to improve performance.Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instance quests no longer drop Morgul Crests. Morgul Crest rewards will return to level 100 Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliat...
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General Discussion

Additional raiding!

Hello all,With our recent move to Crickhollow I would like take an opportunity to get the Oathsworn some recognition around our new server. As many of you know, toward the end of our time on Windfola the kin Trucido was leading t1 casual raids on...
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Update 17 Release Notes.

Update 17 Release NotesNew Region: Old AnórienExplore the besieged city of Minas Tirith, ancient seat of the Kingdom of Gondor. Outside the fortress city, the Enemy has broken through the walls of Pelennor Field, and their forces now assemble and ...
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Update 17 Known Issues

Update 17 Known IssuesGraphics Settings - Teleporting between Minas Tirith interiors/exteriors/Epic Battles can cause out of memory crashes when playing on High/Very High/Ultra High graphics settings for some users.Hammer of the Underworld - Grond...
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Update 16.4 Release Notes

General•The Osgiliath Song-protector's Armour Piercing Cry cooldown reduction set bonus no longer stacks with the Hytbold Skald or Lesser Skjald of the West sets.•Upon logging in, players should receive their World Consolidation Giftboxes.Cosmetic...
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General Discussion

Windows 10

Hi guys,I just wanted to know will I have to re-download LOTRO if I were to install windows 10? Actually will I have to re-download any of my steam collection to that fact. I could Google it but I will probably spend ages looking for a needle in a...
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General Discussion

Kinship Tolkien (Or Not) Tattoos!

Hey guy, Fereiwar here after a long absence! While talking to Rosa earlier, it was brought to my attention that there's no real place for some of our kin members to show off their Tolkien-related (or not related) ink! So here we are. I'll show a f...
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Crickhollow Event!

Looks like a wonderful opportunity to check out Crickhollow for those of you who already have toons there, or want to make a new one!
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General Discussion

Tips for a confusing instance quest with Éowyn

When my guardian, Cornaelius, was romping around West Rohan, I had a difficult time completing the Instance "In Need of Cheering Up." Éowyn is mopey since her uncle and brother went off to fight orcs and she's left to guide the people from Edoras....
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VOTE Here for the Server Merger

Here we go...first, before voting, I need everyone to understand that this actually involves MORE than just our kinship only. All of us have built friendships within our allied kins and I am sure we would like to maintain those friendships after t...
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Server Merger

According to this article will only be 5 NA servers staying. I question if Windfola will be one of the lucky 5 (and you know 2 of them will be Landroval and Brandywine, so it's really Lu...
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General Discussion

Kin poll: More content -- An officer's response

There aren't a lot of votes in, but I thought I'd start a discussion about bringing some of these things on. All but one vote (Rosa!) want more instances/raids and kin gatherings/concerts.I've got a lvl 54 Captain, and would be glad to lead runs ...
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General Discussion

Hardy kin warriors needed

Hello all,For a while now I've been wanting to kick our raiding excursions up a difficulty level and go t2. After talking to a handful of other players who are good raiders and whose opinions I respect, I have come to the conclusion that in order...
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General Discussion

I'm Starting a Blog

Hail Kinsmen and Shield-sisters Mae Govannen *bow*I am starting a new blog that is going to focus on how to be a great asset to any team/Fellowship, kin/Guild, and yourself while gaming with others. It is going to be primarily focused on LOTRO (Si...
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General Discussion

I'm back ! *( For a few days at least )

Hey all this is a sick leave from work for an indeterminate amount of time as of yet...will explain below , so look out for me in the game in the upcoming days :)Long story short , went out on Monday with my colleagues from the restaur...
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Guides And FAQs

How-to for Ruined City tier 2 speed runs

Hello all,After many tries and failed attempts I've got a workable strategy for a t2 Ruined City run that does NOT involve killing either of the first two bosses or the majority of the trash pulls, thus cutting down on time consumption.Starting ou...
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Ettenmoors Pvp video

Hey all- I just wanted to share with you; especially y'all kin moors fanatics the new (and first) video I made pvping on my burg within the Ettenmoors. Enjoy :)
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General Discussion


Hey all , been busy these past 2 weeks , had a series of interviews for a job i was hunting , got it and now i'm being trained on it so i will be less and less active .Hope to see you all in game on my days off .Leafbold Harding
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