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General Discussion

Kin-iversery Party!

We will be celebrating on Saturday, 3/30 at the Kin House! Please reply to this thread with ideas for events.1. Snowball Fight2. Group Picture
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General Discussion

Official Announcement: ELANTINE

Some of you are aware that our beloved DAGUM has been devoting most of his time to his family and career of late, and has found a Star Wars (his first love when it comes to fantasy) MMO that now takes up most of his game time. Dags has always serv...
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General Discussion

Music on Discord

Hello all!I've added a music bot to the Oathsworn Discord channel. It's called Fredboat, and you can find a list of commands here:'s pretty simple - enter a voice channel, and in the fredboat channel type ;;join to ha...
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General Discussion

11th Kin Anniversary on 3/30/18!!!

On March 30th, 2018...we will have our beloved kin's 11th Birthday!!! We were the 23rd kinship to file in that year of 2007 on the Windfola Server! For the first time in a decade, I will not be able to attend the festivities because that weekend i...
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General Discussion

Grimmred's Skirmish Deed Runs

All:I've set up a weekly time where I'll be leading a group of players through the various instances to complete the deeds associated to them (mostly slaying a list of unique mobs that appear rarely or sporadically each time the skirm is ran).The ...
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Guides And FAQs

Allegiance Info

Thank you Mina for sharing this helpful info:to speed up leveling with allegiances, complete the intro for each allegiance. for each allegiance not max'd out, you will get a quest (every day or so) from each allegiance that can be completed withi...
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LOTRO Central

Avatar Update Visible

So in addition to the new theme music on the login screen, we now see "Avatar Update Visible" and clearly the faces on most (all?) of my toons is different now. Do we have a choice on keeping our original faces or is this a forced update? If it is...
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Guides And FAQs

U21 Stat Caps

I found this the other day, figured I should post the link here.
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LOTRO Central

Thoughts on the pre-release of Mordor

Like many of you, I was shocked and, I'll admit, a bit outraged when I saw the prices being charged for the different Mordor packages (link below). My ire was furthered when I learned that this new expansion would not be available for points (form...
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General Discussion

Discord Chat Poll

The idea to have a kin Discord channel has been brought up. We've tried something similar in the past, and there wasn't much interest. However, that was the past, and times change. This is a poll to gauge whether or not there's enough interest a...
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General Discussion

Misleading Tells Ingame

This just came up in chat as a World Broadcast:World broadcast: 'Greetings, all! There are very convincing tells being sent which link to a site that has cloned the appearance of the website. All players should be aware that this is not ...
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General Discussion

Choosing the level to run Sambrog

On Friday, March 24 at 9 pm EDT, we're going to do something a little different. We're going to do the Great Barrow instances: The Maze, Thadur and Sambrog (affectionately known as Sammy to his friends and enemies.) There's going to be a couple th...
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General Discussion

Leaving the kin

I've decided to leave the kin. I've enjoyed my time here with the Oathsworn and would like to thank Khor and Dagum for their leadership and helpfulness.You guys are great and I know you will continue to lead the charge. I am moving over to the R...
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LOTRO Central

Hidden t2 mitigation caps

Was having a conversation with Mae about this the other day and couldn't find the source material easily. So, our conversation re-kindled my interest and now I've been able to find enough on this to bring it to everyone's attention.http://ng.guil...
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LOTRO Central

So you want to raid....

I know at least a few of us are wanting to try the new raid, but since I don't know how many people have the gear or stats for it I thought I would post some guidelines to help people with working on their goals for being able to do it. Please not...
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LOTRO Central

Minas Tirith vs Dol Amroth

I'm curious to know if the Minas Tirith Daily quests are similar to Dol Amroth quests with regards to essence farming?As it is right now, I'm very close to Minas Tirith quest wise, but still have my milestone set in Dol Amroth in order to do daily...
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LOTRO Central

Quest Pack Questions

I need some advice.I don't have any quest packs beyond Rohan/Helms deep.In what order should I purchase the Gondor quest packs? Is there a Gondor Combo Pack?Is any one quest pack more crucial then others?At 95 LM, I don't have any armor with esse...
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General Discussion

Deeding Groups

Hello Kinnies,I'm going to start doing deeding sessions on a regular basis. I'd like to pick a time that is convenient for as many people as possible. Please let me know what works for you.I'll run the group through various regions, including lo...
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Guides And FAQs

18.2 Tier 2 stats / Essence Calculator

Hey all, found a good site that lays out pretty clearly what's needed to be able to run the newer instances on T2/challenge. Tier 2 StatsAnd here is an essence calculator to help you plan out your essence build. (My current one on my captain, once...
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General Discussion

kin house location

I'd like to make a suggestion and look forward to listening to other members and officers pro's and con's feedback.Currently our kin house is in the Elven Homesteads. The Elven homesteads are clearly the best looking housing in middle earth, but ...
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