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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Oathsworn Discord Server

The Oathsworn has a Discord server. Discord is a free voice and text chat service. It allows you to chat and text with your kinnies even when you are not logged in to Lotro You can use Discord in a browser window, download it to your computer, o...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Kin Neighborhoods, Kin Chests and Storage

Splitting StacksNot everyone knows how to do SPLIT STACKS OF ITEMS apparently as the items we store for kinnies doing their class quests (lvl 45-50) are occasionally taken by the full stack of up to 100. To split a stacked item such as these quest...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] The First 100 Kinships founded on Windfola!

Because inquiring minds want to know. Originally this was tracked at and and but since all the web...
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LOTRO Central

[Pinned] World Consolidation in a nutshell for the oathsworn!

So we all know windfola is closing. *sad face*First point - Read your kin mails! we dont send them for the fun of it.Second- We are moving to Crickhollow, why? because that's what we as a kin voted for.Third- We are 4th or 5th on the list to move....
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Kin Crafting

[Pinned] List of Kin Crafters

Guilded Jewellers: Ethellen, Buckhelm, Konakona, Xanndra, Dagum, CarentilGuilded Tailors: Rosalian, Nimcain, Nimrocks, Hekatonkheires, Saerdan, Dagum, Konavan, Lynnea, CarentilGuilded Weaponsmiths: Tinynim, Twitterpated, Conandora, Dagum, Carentil...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Policies on Raid Etiquette

RAID ETIQUETTERaids and group instances can be the most enjoyable and fun experiences in the world of Lotro. They offer players a great opportunity to earn exceptional gear, meet new people, and make friends. The most challenging parts of completi...
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Guides And FAQs

[Pinned] Confused about Damage Type?

For those of us who get confused when confronted with "damage type" options: Ancient Dwarf: Dragon kind and Cave-clawsBeleriand: Half-orcs, Spiders, Insects and Ancient evilWesternesse: Dead, Unseen and Gaunt-menLight: Goblins, orcs, Trolls and Sp...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Allied and Sister Kins

We are allied with numerous kinships and fellow with them in raids and large quests. We communicate with them via the WAC (Windfola Alliance Council) and the Whisperwind Alliance chat channels. When fellowed with them, please make sure you represe...
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Guides And FAQs

[Pinned] Playing Music in LOTRO

Click Here to download the Oathsworn Songbook (Version 7.6, uploaded October 23th, 2014)Note: This post is very long, but it's broken into sections which, together, cover everything about playing music in LOTRO you will likely ever need to know, i...
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[Pinned] Emoting Deeds
Guides And FAQs

[Pinned] Emoting Deeds

This post is compliments of Arondel, taken from our old kin site.Reputation Social Alluring Receive 100 /flirt emotes. This can only be incremented 5 times per day. Reward - Title: the Alluring Befuddling Receive 100 /confused emotes. This ca...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] THE OATHSWORN...Who we are & Our History

During your travels through Middle-earth you may find yourself wishing for a little company; to finish a quest or defeat a toughie, or just have a kindred soul or two to chat with while adventuring. Kinships are a perfect way to find just such int...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Policies on Alts

If you have more than one toon in the kin, please make a note on the kinship page of the social panel. If you look at that page, you'll see "class, level, member" then "rank & online" and then "location." If you click location you will change ...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Policies on Chat Channels

As a member of the Oathsworn you are a representative of our kinship. How others view your behavior is a reflection upon us and so we have policies on the use of the Chat Channels (LFF, GLFF, Trade, Advice, OOC, Regional, Say, Emote, Kin, Global, ...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Policies on Quest Help

Be respectful when asking for help of any kind. Spamming or harassing members for help is NOT allowed. Quest in areas around your level. If you need help and no one can, move on and come back to those quests/areas later.*LOTRO is a MMORPG that was...
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Official Posts: The Kin Rules

[Pinned] Our Policies on Crafting

It is important to remember that we all find & collect materials (hides, ore, wood, jewels, plants & critical items) as we quest. The items found are usually level appropriate and are used to craft the weapons, armour, perks & consumab...
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General Discussion

New Kin Leader needed!

we need new co-leader to help keep our historic 14+ year kinship thriving and alive! as many of you know, i no longer have time to run the kin as i once did when i was a stay-at-home mom and built this kin to the biggest kinship on windfola (with...
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LOTRO Central

Remember the Heroes of the 'Sworn!!!

The next time you visit Michel Delving, please stop by the Shrine of the Bounder's Bounty. The totem for WINDFOLA has the names of the Top 50 players of the server who competed in outstanding tests of skill and combat. For those who don't know, be...
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Guides And FAQs

Discord Setup

How to setup and use Discord:Discord is a free app that runs on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Ios, Android). It is organized into "Servers". The Oathsworn has one (thanks Mae!) as do most kins and groups. Within a server, it has both chat...
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LOTRO Central

Rohan Housing - Eastfold Hills - Cranhoe Neighborhood

So for anyone who is considering buying a Rohan house, I have purchased the Mead Hall in the subject line neighborhood, and there are several deluxe houses available. Come on down and make it a kin neighborhood!
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General Discussion

Our 14th KIN-IVERSARY!!!

On March 30th our historic kinship will celebrate it's 14th Birthday! Granted, that is on a Monday (and so many kinnen only play on weekends), so I propose a 2 day celebration starting on Sunday the 29th and going on through Monday the 30th. I wil...
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