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#14748389 Jul 08, 2021 at 02:54 AM
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we need new co-leader to help keep our historic 14+ year kinship thriving and alive! as many of you know, i no longer have time to run the kin as i once did when i was a stay-at-home mom and built this kin to the biggest kinship on windfola (with help from highly valued and loyal officers, of course). a few years ago, i had to start a career for the benefit of bringing income into our household for our rapidly aging children. because of this, my gameplay time was enormously and drastically reduced. however, this should not mean that a Beta-founded kin from 2007 should die. several of the leading officers have left us recently to persue their own interests. let me be completely clear...they are 100% within their rights to do so and should have absolutely no malice held against them to do so. they stood in my stead as i was not able to lead the kin as I once did. i thank them for stepping up and doing what they did to keep our grand, old kinship alive. that said, message me if you feel qualified.
Leader & Mom of the Oathsworn! :)
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