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The Oathsworn has a Discord server. Discord is a free voice and text chat service. It allows you to chat and text with your kinnies even when you are not logged in to Lotro You can use Discord in a browser window, download it to your computer, or use the Discordapp on your phone.

The link to join the server is
. Clicking on the link here will bring you to the browser version of Discord. Copy and paste the link to join on the desktop version.

Mae and our SOs are the server admins. When you join please let Mae or an SO know so they can set permissions to allow you access. We have several channels, both text and voice. Oathsworn members will have access to all the channels. WA members will have access to WA text and voice, as well as Raids.

When you join, make sure to set your nickname on this server to the name you're known by ingame. This is easy, and is required to use the server. To change your nickname, join the server. While on the server, right-click on your name. This will bring up a menu. Click on Change Nickname. Enter your Lotro name, and click Save.

If you're having trouble setting things up, please ask for assistance, and we will do what we can to get you rolling.

You can add suggestions in the comments section.
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