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#12708593 Sep 15, 2016 at 01:32 AM
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I know at least a few of us are wanting to try the new raid, but since I don't know how many people have the gear or stats for it I thought I would post some guidelines to help people with working on their goals for being able to do it. Please note that these are for Tier One, also these are guideline stats, you don't have to have exactly these.


Guard, Cappy, Warden, (Champ)
Morale 45k
Mits 20k or more(on T2 25k)
BPE(Block Parry Evade) 12k


Morale 30k
Mastery (physical, tactical) 60-70k
Max mitigations(these may vary depending on class)
BPE if you have room for it great, if not don't worry about it.


Morale 30-40k
Mastery doesn't matter too much
Minis need max crit rating for lots of crit heals
BPE same as DPS
For LM's and Burgs Finesse and mastery are needed to ensure your cc can stick

these stats are similar to what the raid group i have been doing the new raid with on Tier 2 so they should be fine for Tier 1. If you have questions feel free to ask me in game when I am on, or post here. My goal with this sorta of guide is to hopefully get enough people to where we can tackle the raid on Tier 1 to get people ready for Tier 2. If you see anything I missed let me know, I don't play all the classes so I made these fairly general.
#12710180 Sep 15, 2016 at 03:56 PM
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You mentioned that, for healers, mastery doesn't matter a lot. Yet Khor's been known to have so much tact mast that his tactical outgoing healing was at 90%. Since a RK's healing is mainly HoT, how does that class fit in? Are minis more desired in the new raid? What about beornings? I know outgoing healing is supposed to cap at 70% (making Khor even weirder) but I've been struggling to get Urs's outgoing healing above 60% (short of slotting a tact mast essence).

Regarding finesse for debuffing classes: are the mobs and bosses in Throne more resistant than in other t2 runs? When Adh runs Dome and SS on t2, he mezzes just fine. He has some finesse but, since that stat cannot be capped, is there a recommended %?
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#12710728 Sep 15, 2016 at 08:23 PM
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As far as I can tell RK's heal just fine without too much mastery and they're useful for keeping the group topped off in terms of health. Mini's are use more for Crit heals to get someone back to full health after they have taken a big hit, that being said neither class outdoes the other in terms of healing, they both have strengths and weaknesses. As for mastery focus on getting the Morale and Mits done first, then get as much mastery as you can. One other thing RK's are used for are their DNF skill and their Fates Entwined for rezzing and group Damage reduction.

Yes the mobs seem to be much more resistant, especially on tier 2, and many of them have a trait where once you use a form of cc on them they become immune to it, this can cause problems as you might imagine. For finesse, I would say around 12k is as much as you need, probably don't need much more than that.
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