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#11929260 Jan 07, 2016 at 09:31 AM
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As many of you know, in the Windfola server, we had 3 neighborhoods which were exclusively ours and we had all 12 kin houses in those 3 neighborhoods. I personally feel those 12 houses were never used as I had envisioned they would be which was for Officers to "shop" for kinsfolk for their needs. We planned to craft gear and donate them to the appropriate "level" of the house, but instead it seemed more frequent that our Officers would simply craft as needed per request instead. If everyone is more comfortable in doing it that way, then there is no need to buy 12 kin houses (and pay weekly rent) to store items for people who may/may not need them. So I am looking for kin input on what we should do. Please post your replies on the kinsite if you can, or if not, then let me know personally via mail. Thank you all for your help in making this important decision for us!

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#11930531 Jan 07, 2016 at 04:47 PM
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I've had the same feeling for a long time to be honest.

The only house I frequented for kinnies was the one that had the level 50 class items in it.

For crafting, the only mats I ever ask for are things like symbols and shards. (unless I'm out of a specific ore/wood/hide/etc).

Management wise, it might be easier to have fewer (or even just one) kin house.

#11931245 Jan 07, 2016 at 09:20 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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If need be I still hold 2 kinhouses and last week I pulled wooparse from the kin and put him on track to get a third. While we were in windfola I made the offer of adding my houses to the kin house roster, but was told that we were flush with kinhouses back then. I also said the offer is open and will always remain open. One of my houses has surplus scrolls, the other has foods, moral/power pots and I’m thinking about putting essences in one after the next update since it wouldn't make much sense to stash level 100 essences when after a while 105 will become the new level cap. I would also be willing to move these houses where ever you wish.
#11931362 Jan 07, 2016 at 10:36 PM
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I personally found it too hard to remember how to get to the Kin Houses in other neighborhoods. Tended to only use the main one (to leave things I thought others would want) and the L50 class quest house (both to leave and to get for people). The L50 house was the most valuable.

I'd like to recommend that we make use of the Auction House Kinship only feature. It has the advantage of being easy to get at and search. If we agree to set the price to be the vendor trash value (the default) and the buy out at a copper over that, it doesn't take long to add a bunch of items.

#11931522 Jan 08, 2016 at 12:25 AM
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All of us are more than willing to craft for kinnen at the drop of a hat, sometimes even using our own mats. More often than not, those desiring items provide the mats but I've never had to scrounge around for them.

Personally, I find myself crafting mainly level 100 FA LIs but I think we need to make a stronger effort crafting and providing mats for lower level items. Sure, copper ore and ilex branches are pretty much everywhere but not everyone wants to trudge out to Eastern Angmar for mats. What we need to do is help our kinmates grow as crafters by getting them mats. Kin houses can do this; they can be repositories.
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