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#11769020 Nov 18, 2015 at 04:13 PM
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We have made additional updates to Minas Tirith and the Pelennor Fields to improve performance.
Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instance quests no longer drop Morgul Crests. Morgul Crest rewards will return to level 100 Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instances in a future update.
The button that allows you to hide weapons when not in combat now functions for shields as well.
Enemies chance to resist damage-over-time pulses is now affected by the attacker's finesse.
Cisterns door on the Fourth Tier can now be used.
Dol Amroth floor tiles now have a pristine appearance again.
Warriors in Scouting the North-gate will stand in plain sight.
Fixed an issue where if you are incapacitated during the Banquet and the Breach, enemies behave oddly on your return.
Enabled teleport to npc for many more of the objectives in both the Children of Minas Tirith and Forlong's Feast quest arcs.
Duneth in The First Blade will speak to you when you complete the instance.
Thieves in the Opportunists quest will return to their proper places.
The Jal VĂ¢rsha NPCs will now always advance your quest when you speak to them.
Ravaging Wargs will now count for 'Book 4, Chapter 5: Beyond the Rammas'
Arador now writes the resolutions in 'The Council of Gondor' twice as fast as he used to. Less time waiting!
Quest text that refers to the Model of Minas Tirith no longer describes it as being on a table.
Floating posters are now properly attached to walls.
Fixed some bad text characters in passing lines from the children in front of the Old Guesthouse in Minas Tirith.
Retreating from Beseiged Minas Tirith or using Desperate Flight from the Wheel and Cask Tavern will no longer take you to Bree.
You will no longer see large fires in the distance when you wander through Minas Tirith.
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