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Raids and group instances can be the most enjoyable and fun experiences in the world of Lotro. They offer players a great opportunity to earn exceptional gear, meet new people, and make friends. The most challenging parts of completing a successful raid don’t revolve solely around playing your character well. The success of a strategy is dictated also by the set-up, communication, and level of trust that builds amongst your group as you battle through the instance.

To help ensure that all Oathsworn members, and those who raid with us, get the best experience possible while raiding, the following outlines for raid etiquette have been developed. All members are expected to read and follow them.

-- Be on time. We all have real lives outside of the game and have better things to do than wait for tardy players.
-- Have any food, hope tokens, and wound, fear, disease, or poison pots recommended for the raid.
-- Repair before you enter the raid. A quick bio break prior to the raid is also a good idea.
-- Most raids/instances have explanations and outlines available on the Lotro Wiki. These should be reviewed prior to the raid so you are somewhat familiar with what to expect.
-- Make sure any quests pertinent to the run have been picked up prior to the designated start time.
-- If possible, have your in-game “ears” turned on (under Options/Audio).

-- Avoid spamming group invite requests excessively in public channels. Everyone has a different tolerance level for hearing the same thing repeatedly, but a decent rule of thumb is to wait 4-5 minutes before repeating the same request in a public channel or in kin chat.
-- Remember to use the Whisperwind Channel and WA Channel if you are looking for raid members.
-- Do not send ninja invites. Blind invites show very little respect for the player you are recruiting. Other players are likely engaged in quests, conversations, deeds, battles, etc. and do not appreciate being interrupted unexpectedly. The Oathsworn does NOT support this behavior. How do you find out if a player wants to group with you then? Ask them.

-- Do not talk/type over the Raid Leader when an explanation is being given.
-- Save questions until after the Raid Leader is finished speaking. One of the most important things when you are on an unfamiliar raid, or if it's your first time: do NOT hesitate to ask what is to be expected in the fight! So please ASK. ASK. ASK. Our Raid Leaders won’t bite.
-- Be patient when waiting for a question to be answered. The leader is probably making sure everyone has hope tokens and food, explaining to other new members, discussing alternate strategies, etc.
-- If you have suggestions, please send a tell to the Raid Leader. Announcing alternate strategies openly in raid chat tends to create confusion as to what the exact plan is for other members.

-- Pay attention to what you roll on. Items may be “Bind on Acquire” and, therefore, cannot be traded after you’ve accidentally rolled on something you can’t use.
-- Rolling on items for your alts should be avoided. The toons who are actively partaking in the raid get first priority in terms of access to the loot that drops for each class. Should there be an item that no one wants, only then should that item be rolled on for use by an alt.

-- Keep AFK's to a minimum. If the raid is to be done within a reasonable amount of time, players can't be going AFK every 20mins. Raid Leaders will obviously use their discretion should there be an outstanding RL circumstance arise.
-- Be nice and be patient. The other people in the raid are human beings too. Treat them as you want to be treated yourself. Mistakes happen, confusion is common. Some people are, indeed, new to the game and might very well be learning how to play a new class, or how to play in a group dynamic as opposed to solo play.

-- Remember the role assigned to you by your Raid Leader.
-- Always always follow the raid assist target. Always. It's simple. It's easy. Follow the raid assist target and you won't pull aggro you're not supposed to have.
-- Give the tank time please. If you're not the designated "Puller", please don't engage a group of mobs unless asked to. The first arrow into a group gets basic threat of the whole group. These first few seconds of all the mobs attacking the tank really help the tank gain the whole group’s aggro for good.
-- Should you draw aggro purely through DPS, use your aggro reducing skill, stop attacking even with auto-attacks, and move TOWARDS the tank if needed.
-- You need heals? The healers stare at health bars the entire time. They see you. Please refrain from constantly calling out for heals. You are likely not the only person in the raid in need of morale.
-- One of your jobs is to remove your own debuffs. Yes, there are classes that can remove them. Yes, they will do that when necessary if they can. However, you are your own first line of defense and preservation.

-- Lead by example and mitigate drama. Rude, crude, or harsh comments should not be tolerated from anyone in the group, especially from the leader. Non-teamlike behaviors from raid members should be dealt with appropriately.
-- Teach with patience. Make sure to communicate your expectations thoroughly and concisely.
-- Repeat with grace. Do not lead if you are unable to be diplomatic and pleasant, regardless of how many times you have to attempt an instance/raid.
-- Encourage the weak and welcome the new. Leaders can offer trait, skill, and equipment suggestions to members, but should avoid instructing the raid member how to play their class, or criticize them for how they play while in the raid. Feedback should always be respectful and constructive.
-- Leaders should do their best to make the raid fun for their participants.

Whether you are leading your own raid, joining a PUG raid, or grouping with sister/allied kins, you are actively representing The Oathsworn and the values we uphold. Please conduct yourselves accordingly and remember to have fun!
Dance as if no one is watching. Sing as if no one is listening. Love as if you've never been hurt.

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