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1) The 2 Leaders of the sub-kin should each pick a minimum of one toon to bring into the main kinship. More alts are welcome but only 1 each is required. Any and all other officers that wish to do the same are encouraged to do so but it is not required. All officers will automatically receive OO status once they bring a toon in. The idea behind this is that if we trust the new sub-kin enough to make them part of our family, we also trust their judgement in officer material.

2) All persons doing the above will need to register at this kinsite. We would prefer they use a name the kin will most associate them with, in other words, their "main" in our main kin to cut down on confusion. However, this is not mandatory, they can use whatever name they wish.

3) All persons above will then read and sign the OO P&Ps after gaining OO status in the kinsite (I believe they can't read it until we promote them and all SO have the ability to promote their access in this site).

4) All persons above should send me (Kimiakane) an in-game note letting me know the names of all the toons they brought into the kin so I can promote them to OO status. Please make sure that when you recruit them in & promote them to full kin status that they remember their player note and it's usually helpful to say something like "Main: Officer of PotM" (or whatever the sub-kin's name is) and if more than one then "Alt of (their main in our kin): Officer of TK" (Tribal Knights). Sub-kin names used as examples only.

5) The sub-kin leader should prepare to move their existing kin house to one of our kin neighborhoods. Complete full permissions on this house should be given to Kimiakane and then she will give permissions to the other active Senior Officers of the kin. Regular Oathsworn Officers & kinsfolk will have no access to your house without discussion and approval from the sub-kin leader first. This move should be coordinated with at least one SO.

6) The sub-kin leader should then copy & paste this note in a kinship mail to their kin...

Hail & Well Met to all kinsfolk! This is our official declaration of our kin merging with the Oathsworn! The Oathsworn is a grand old 7+ year old kinship which also happens to likely be the largest & most successful kinship on our server. We are pleased to announce that all our officers & kinsfolk can bring a minimum of one alt to the main Oathsworn kin and receive the same full status their as you have here! The benefits are really great as you will have access to a kin with a dozen kin houses & a community of crafters happy to make things for their kinsfolk. You are also encouraged to join the official Oathsworn chat channel "Whisperwind" so that you can easily communicate with your new extended family when in your alts not in the main kin, especially if you need to get a group together. Our kin house has moved to one of the Oathsworn Neighborhoods so don't be surprised if it's in a different building than before. Make sure to greet your new family as they have accepted us as theirs and they are all very excited about meeting & friending you all! Please go to for more information. Cheers!
Leader & Mom of the Oathsworn! :)
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