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Let's assume your main character has achieved level 50 and has his/her first LI (Legendary Item). There is a lot of work that goes into that item. Deconstructing LIs you don't need so that you have gems & settings to combine and forge relics to enhance your chosen LIs. Ever notice how much chat space that eats up? And quickly buries other chat that may appear in your chat box.

Let's assume you're crafting, especially processing ore, wood, hides, jewels, etc. Ever notice how quickly that eats up anything in your chat box as well?

Let's assume you're questing solo (or in a group) and you have a wave of combat going on...ever notice how much chat box space fills up with the combat results of you and others near you?

Let's assume you have a RL (Real Life) outside of the game. Very many, if not most of us, have spouses (or significant others), children, grandchildren, pets, house chores (laundry, cooking, etc.) which at any moments notice may call us away from the game. Yes, our toons are still standing somewhere in the game, but by being AFK, they are essentially what I like to call...temporarily soulless.

NOW, let's assume none of these things apply to you. You're in the game, you need help with a fellowship quest or need something crafted for want a simple greeting to acknowledge that you have logged in to the game. There is a dozen or more people online but no one says anything to your comment or request. "What? Are these guys a bunch of unfriendly jerks?" No, actually most people usually comment we are one of the friendliest kins they've ever been's just everyone may be busy doing any number of the things above, and/or even more I have forgotten to list. Please try to be understanding and don't think we're ignoring you. Even if they do see your request, they may know they are logging off soon and don't have time to assist.

We have had people quit the kin because they think no one is friendly to them or that they won't help them when help is truly needed (that doesn't mean helping you when you are questing above your level). I promise you, if you think won't find any better results elsewhere in other kins. Everyone in the Officers & Kinsfolk usually goes out of their way to help their kinnen.

Finally, always remember that a LOT of us occasionally have really, really LONG logins. You may not have that issue, but many of us do. If you login and no one says HI to you, it's because most of us know that your name appears as logging in in the chat box before you actually appear in our world of Arda. People may have greeted you but by the time you actually get into the world, that greeting may have occurred numerous minutes ago and you won't see the greeting. Never wait to be noticed & greeted, please, just simply announce your presence to the kin as soon as you are able, and hopefully all those not busy with any of the above will happily greet their fellow kinsperson with joy! :)
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