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I've seen a lot of questions recently in kin chat about LIs. As always, the kind kinnen of the Oathsworn are happy to answer any questions you have and Kimi and Versus have both posted links to external sites which provide overviews of Legendary Items (LIs). I've made A LOT of mistakes when dealing with LIs in the past and hope that what I, and anyone else who wishes to reply with more knowledge, have learned can be of use to you all. ** I've just finished typing this out and it is long. Please don't be daunted by its length (there's much more that knowledge to be dropped later) and please feel free to add any tips/ask any questions. Myself and others will be glad to share our experiences.**

First, you get your LIs from epic quests Volume II, Book 1, available at the Walls of Moria in southern Eregion (near Echad Dunnan). Anyone, even f2p (free to play) players are eligible to get LIs. The Walls of Moria (and the quests) are level 50 and my be picked up as early as level 45. Many players choose to enter at level 45, but I usually wait until level 46; the half-orc cave seems to be much easier to handle with this extra level. After completing quests within the Walls of Moria (unavailable later, so you should try them all at least once) you will get you first LI. Your first LI will be some version of your primary weapon: Lore-Master staff, Hunter bow, etc. You will be sent to Rivendell to identify it and will have to gain 10 levels of experience before having it reforged and returning to the Walls of Moria. After another instance, you will receive your second LI, generally a class item: Guardian belt, Captain emblem, etc.

Several times, I've found that my first LI weapon is weaker than the weapon that I already had in terms of dps and stats. The real power of an LI is the legacies. When you identify a new LI, it will have 3 major legacies. When you reforge it at levels 10, 20, and 30, you will be given a choice from 2 additional legacies (major or minor) to add to your LI. Reforging at level 40 or higher allows you two upgrade a legacy already on your LI and you will again be allowed to choose from 2. Each legacy has a tier associated with how many legendary points it costs to rank it up. Tier 1 legacies take more points to level up than tier 6. All this may sound complex, but you'll learn to recognize the symbols for the tiers as you see them more (e.g. tier 1 looks like a I and tier 6 looks like *) and for third age (TA) LIs I choose the most useful legacy to add/upgrade on my LI at reforging. This paragraph is a brief description of most things you will do with an LI until you have nicer and/or higher level LIs.

The other important thing for all LIs are the relics. There are 4 relic slots and you should try to fill at least the first 3 for any LI you intend to use. The relics slots are Settings, Gems, Runes, and Crafted. There are 4, 3, and 3 relics to choose from for the first 3 slots, so pick something appropriate for your class, like +Might for a Champ or +Will for a Minstrel when you can and other useful relics to fill the remaining slots. With limited options, you may not be overly thrilled with your choices, but a small bump in stats is better than nothing. Relics are also tiered, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest (for now), and stats increase as the tier increases. You can get relics from lvl 45+ (?, might be lvl 51+) instances/skirms, barter vendors with Rusted Dwarf Tools or Khuzdul Tablets, deconning LIs, legendary instances in Dolven View, the Legendary vendor at skirm camps, and as rewards for certain quests. Which relics suit your class/style of play and where to get them are things you will pick up as you go along.

Up to this point, I've tried to keep it fairly simple and explain the basic mechanics of LIs. There are a few more advanced topics (scrolls, crystals, crafted relics) that I'll talk about, which I primarily apply to second age (SA) of first age (FA) LIs. If there is any doubt about which age LI you have, it is apparent in both the default name and color: TA are purple, SA are teal, and FA are gold.

I'll add a post later about issues I know of with starter LIs, but the above information should be enough to give you a basic idea of working with your LIs.

~*~ Advanced LI topics ~*~

:::TA, SA, FA, what?:::
Third age (TA) LIs are the basic LIs that can be bartered for in many places and drop in abundance from mobs.

Second age (SA) LIs are one step up from a TA LI and have a primary stat one step up from a TA of the same level, e.g. a lvl 55 Champ's Sword of the SA has the same starting dps value as a lvl 57 Champ's Sword of the TA (there is no increase in dps from lvl 55 to 56). These appear as very rare drops from mobs and Moria instance chests until level 60, then (with 1 exception) are only craftable by someone appropriately guilded. The crafting of a SA LI required a Symbol of Celebrimbor (different versions for lvls 65, 75, 85, and 95) and other crafting materials.

First age (FA) LIs are one step up from a SA LI and have a primary stat two steps up from a TA of the same level. Level 59/60 FA LIs are obtainable in Filikul (turtle) reward chest and barter vendors with Bright Emblems of Nimrodel (obtained in Filikul and Vile Maw raids, both lvl 58). Like SA LIs, these are only craftable above lvl 60 and doing so requires a Symbol of the Elder King (different versions for lvls 65, 75, 85) and other crafting materials.

:::Crafted relics:::
Each character may join one guild for a profession they have chosen (free for VIP, unlocked with Turbine Points otherwise). Once Master of the Guild standing is reached, you may begin crafting relics for you LIs. Each crafting tier (Supreme and higher) has at least 2 relic barter items available to craft. One requires basic crafting materials, like 2 brushed magnificent leathers, and the rest require Compendiums of Middle Earth. These are obtainable at skirmish camps from Crafting vendors or Volumes I-IV are available from instances throughout Middle Earth. An additional consideration is the cooldown (CD) of crafted relic items. CDs range from 18 hours (basic Supreme) to 6 days 18 hours for the best relic items of a tier.

The basic barter item for each tier may be traded to a guild leader for sealed relics. These are unbound, tradable, and offer +10/+20/+30/+40 of a stat associated with the guild (listed below). These have a minimum level of 1, 66, 76, 86, respectively. Barter items requiring a Compendium may be traded to a guild leader for a bound sealed relic. These have additional stats and for Eastemnet and Westemnet crafting tiers are barterable for relics of any stat category and have higher level requirements than their more basic counterparts.

Cook -- Morale (+50/+100/+150/+200)
Jeweller -- Will
Metalsmith -- Might
Scholar -- Power (+50/+100/+150/+200)
Tailor -- Fate
Weaponsmith -- Vitality
Woodworker -- Agility

:::Grinder LIs and Deconning:::
A grinder LI is an LI that is slotted, but never equipped. Many people use grinder LIs as a means of obtaining desired legacies for FA and SA LIs and for relics. With 6 LIs gaining xp, each gets 36% of the item xp (ixp) for a total of 216% ixp. If you are leveling fewer than 6 LIs, each will gain more ixp, but you will gain less overall ixp. If you are leveling more than 6 LIs, each gains less ixp and the total ixp remains 216%. I generally use ixp runes to max out the level of the LIs I use and slot as many LIs as I have space for to get more relics and stock up on legacies when I'm preparing for a new LI. Additional LI slots may be unlocked for 295TP each and occasionally appear as part of weekly sales for 25% off.

When an LI is at least lvl 30, deconstrucing, or deconning, it will result in several items: legendary shards (lvl 60 LI or below) or fragments (above lvl 60), scroll of (lesser) renewal, ixp rune (larger with higher lvl), LI legacy of similar level, and random relics. When the level of your LI ends in a 1, i.e. 1, 11, 21, ..., the maximum tier of the relics increases. Because of the amount of ixp required to achieved an additional 10 levels, most people recommend deconning an LI at lvl 31. Some players level LIs up to the maximum and then decon them. It is a matter of preference when you decon an LI, but I would recommend at least lvl 31.

:::Legacy scrolls:::
As mentioned above, deconning a lvl 30+ LI yields a legacy scroll. These may be used on an LI of similar level (below lvl 60, 61-65, 65-75, 75-85, 85-95). Using a scroll on an LI will allow you to choose a legacy currently on your LI to be replaced by the one on the scroll. The new legacy will always be tier 2 when applied. There are some restrictions that apply: you can't use a legacy scroll on an LI that needs to be reforged, the target LI has to be no higher than the level listed on the scroll, it must be from the same type of LI (melee weapon, class item, ranged weapon), major legacies can only replace other major legacies while minor legacies can replace any legacy.

Additionally, there are legendary stat scrolls available from certain quests, barter vendors in Moria, and from Relic Masters with shards. These may be used to replace any legacy currently on your LI with the stat listed. The starting value of the stat depends on the level of the LI and ranking up the legacy increases the stat by 1. For example, I know that a tier 2 might legacy on a lvl 60 LI gives +12 might and a tier 4 vitality legacy on a lvl 95 LI gives +130 vitality. Lesser stat scrolls add tier 2 legacies while regular stat scrolls add tier 4 legacies.

:::Scrolls and Crystals:::
There are two types of LI improvement scrolls: empowerment and delving. These scrolls are available as rewards from certain epic quests and from Legendary vendors at skirm camp. Both scrolls have several varieties: lesser scroll of x (up to lvl 60), scroll of x (up to lvl 65), greater scroll of x (lvl 75), Riddermark scroll of x (lvl 85), and Eorlingas scroll of x (lvl 95). Scrolls of delving unlock 10 more levels for you LI, making the maximum level 70. This allows you to earn more legendary points to spend on your legacies. Scrolls of empowerment upgrade the tier of any legacy (you choose) by one. When many players achieve their ultimate LI (lvl 95 SA at the time of this post) they buy scrolls of empowerment to upgrade the tier of all of their chosen legacies to 6 so they can max out the rank of the most legacies.

There are two types of LI improvement crystals: remembrance and star-lit. These are available in lootboxes and instance/skirm reward chests. Star-lit crystals are named similarly to scrolls, with the exception of the small star-lit crystal being for lvl 60 or lower LIs. A maximum of 3 star-lit crystals can be used on an LI and each upgrades the primary stat (block usage, tactial healing, dps, etc.) by the equivalent of 1 level. Crystals of remembrance add a blank major legacy to an LI. You may then use a legacy scroll obtained from deconning an LI to replace the legacy with one of your choosing, allowing you to have a total of 7 legacies on your LI.

~*~ Tips/Tricks/Miscellaneous ramblings ~*~

:::Starter LIs:::
Your first LI is different from any other LI in the game. First, you an only obtain level 40 with it, so the LI's advancement potential is limited. Second, it only gains ixp when it is equipped. If it's in your inventory instead of your hand, it automatically disables leveling. As a personal preference, I usually switch back to my (better) previous weapon after reforging my first LI until I reforge my LI class item so that they both need reforging at the same time (fewer trips to the Forge Master ).

... More to come later as people ask questions
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One other point about getting your first (or rather second) LI. While you can go through the quest chain to get your first LI at level 45, you cannot get your second LI until level 46. I don't think there is enough XP in all the Walls of Moria including side quests to go all the way from 45 to 46. If you go to Walls of Moria right after you ding 45, you will have to quest elsewhere, or grind out part of a level in order to get your second LI and start questing in Moria.
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