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Brisk Yule Cloak
Ceremonial Cloak of Shadow and Flame
Ceremonial Cloak of the Ancient Ruins
Cloak of Autumn Nights
Cloak of the Boar
Cloak of the Falling Leaves
Cloak of the Northern Lights
Cloak of the Raven
Cloak of the Shining Star
Dark Sky Firework Cloak
Fancy Winter Cloak
Fancy Woodcutter's Pack
Fine Elven Quiver
Fine Quiver
Harvest-brew Cloak
Harvest-brew Hooded Cloak
Horned Snow-beast Cloak
Snowy Hoodless Cloak
Spooky Cloak of the Bat
Spooky Hooded Cloak of the Bat
Sturdy Dwarf-make Quiver
Travel Pack
Warden's Pack
Warm Winter Cloak
Wintertide Cloak
Wintertide Hooded Cloak
Ceremonial Singed Cloak

Boots and shoulders:
Padded Leather Boots
Snow-dusted Travelling Boots
Yule Scarf

Ceremonial Dress - White, green and blue; these cannot be dyed.
Common Long-sleeved Tunic and Trousers
Common Short-sleeved Dress
Elegant Long-sleeved Dress
Elegant Short-sleeved Dress
Elf-queen’s Dress
Exquisite Dress
Exquisite Long-sleeved Dress
Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress
Extravagant Festival Dress
Extravagant Festival Robe
Farmer's Fancy Dress
Fine Short-sleeved Dress
Gown of Autumn Nights
Harvest-brew Dress
Harvest-brew Short-sleeved Tunic & Trousers
Lissuin Robe
Long-sleeved Dwarf-make Dress
Scaled HauberkShabby Dress
Shabby Tunic
Shirriff's Hauberk
Short Fancy Robe
Short-sleeved Dwarf-make Dress
Short-sleeved Summer Dress
Silken Gown of Golden Splendour
Silken Robe of Golden Splendour
Simbelmynë Dress
Simbelmynë Tunic & Trousers
Snow-dusted Travelling Robe
Snowy Dress
Snowy Tunic and Trousers
Summerdays Dress
Tattered Dress
Tunic & Pants of Autumn Nights
Wintry Yule Robe
Short Fancy Robe
Frostbluff Dress of Thanks
Short-sleeved Summer Dress

Gloves and leggings:
Extravagant Festival Gloves
Snow-dusted Travelling Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Shabby Leggings

Boar-head Festival Mask
Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers
Dwarf-make Circlet
Extravagant Festival Cap
Extravagant Festival Hat
Fine Elven Circlet
Firework Launcher's Face Guard
Harvest-brew Circlet
Harvest-brew Hat
Pipe Festival Mask
Pumpkin Festival Mask
Raven Festival Mask
Shabby Cap
Shabby Stocking Hat
Simbelmynë Circlet
Spring-flinger Hat
Sun Hat
Turquoise Summer Circlet
White Rose Circlet
Wide-brimmed Spring Hat
Visage of the Bear
Visage of the Goat
Yule Stocking Cap
Visage of the Bear
Visage of the Goat

So I think that's all of my non-bound ones.
As you can see I collect cosmetic items. And a big thank you to those how have donated items for my addiction.
If anyone would like some of these items for their wardrobe, send me a mail (to Konakona) in game, or post here. I only ask that you please return the item when you're done.
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First we have the Ceremonial Dress in two colors. As I said these cannot be dyed.

2. Exquisite Dress, short sleeved and sleeveless.

3. Silken Robe and Dress of Golden Splendor.

4. Snowy Dress and Extravagant Festival Dress

5. Harvest Brew Short Sleeved Tunic and Snowy Tunic.

6. Wide-Brimmed Spring Hat with Short-sleeved Elven Dress, and Simbelmyne Dress and Circlet.

7. Cloak of Northern Lights and Dark Sky Firework Cloak.

8. Yule-Tree and Snowy Hoodless Cloak.

9. Harvest Brew and Fancy Winter Cloak.

10. Cloak of the Shining Star and Cloak of Falling Leaves.

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Some more, as an elf.

Farmer's Fancy Dress

Short-Sleeved Summer Dress

Exquisite Long-Sleeved Dress

Spooky Cloak of the Bat

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Thank you so much for this Kona! It's an amazing resource for those of us trying to look our best while knocking orcs around! :)

You're one of my best-dressed picks for all of Middle-earth! :)
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