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Anyone who has been in our kin will see the terms OO & SO thrown around a lot. We would like to make clear exactly what these terms mean. OO is an Oathsworn Officer. This is someone who was nominated & voted by the kin council or by the kin leader to have a promotion in the kin as they have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to the kin and demonstrated they have the kin's best interests in their minds.

OO are always on the lookout to recruit new talent for the kin, they assist kinsfolk with questing and crafting if they feel it is needed and participate in the representation of the kin to the LOTRO community at large. OO do not exclusively have to have all their alts in the kinship. Being an OO is not a paid position and first & foremost it must be remembered these people come here for their own entertainment. They pay to be in the game with their own money, time or both. They need not ever feel obligated to drop what they are doing to craft or help on quests. If you truly need help, remember to ask nicely and you'll likely get some kind kinnen to help you.

SO stands for Senior Officer. Senior officers help the Leader & Co-Leader run this huge, grand old historic kinship! If they are an SO, this means they have earned the full trust of the kin leader and she feels they will react to any situation in the same manner that she would if she were online at the time. Senior Officers assist the leader & co-leader with votes concerning the benefits and direction of the kinship. As such it is a very serious position and the SO must have been nominated and voted for by OO & other SO only. All SO must have all their alts in the main kinship or one of the sub-kinships under the Oathsworn family umbrella. They, and any of their alts in the sub-kins must be considered as SO and deserve the same respect that the kin leader & co-leader have. SO have the authorization to promote and demote and even expel (if necessary) OO and kinsfolk in the same manner that the kin leaders do (just remember to send Kimi a note so she can follow up on their decisions. Kin Policy changes can be instituted by any SO and voted upon accordingly. Basically put, an SO is a Leader of the kinship that has shared Leading Officers and should try to represent the kin in a manner that has been instituted during the past years of it's growth.

Kimi reserves the right to remove specific kinsfolk due to inactivity when the kinship fills up in order to preserve the historical input of certain former kinnen.

Leader & Mom of the Oathsworn! :)
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