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During your travels through Middle-earth you may find yourself wishing for a little company; to finish a quest or defeat a toughie, or just have a kindred soul or two to chat with while adventuring. Kinships are a perfect way to find just such interaction, while often adding a whole new level of depth and fun to your gaming sessions. No single kin is better then the others, but there are kins that are more suited for you. A kin should reflect you as a player, not the other way around. We operate our kinship with a Council of OO (Oathsworn Officers), which consists of a leader, co-leader & 5 Senior Officers (we went with a total of 7 as there were 7 Primary members of the White Council in Lord of the Rings), however we expanded that a bit as not everyone can dedicate the time needed to operate a kinship of our size.

THE OATHSWORN is a rank 10 LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE kinship on the Windfola server which places high value on helping each other with questing & crafting, plus a bit of optional RP for fun! We've been around since December of 2006 in the beta version of this game & founded officially on game launch in March 30, 2007. We are one of the largest kinships on the Windfola Server. We are ready to help new players learn if they are willing to! We respect your privacy, have few demands and avoid drama. We currently have 8 Kinship Houses, and numerous Deluxe & Standard Houses available for kin use in the Cerin Dhaer & Faellond subdivisions in the Falathlorn Homesteads. These are our official kinship neighborhoods as we own all the kin & deluxe houses within it.

Please try to greet one another when folks come on, and don't be shy to say goodbye when you leave. We are very glad you have joined us and look forward to your friendship! We are part of THE WINDFOLA ALLIANCE and also the Whisperwind Alliance, which are kinships who are allied with ours and we frequently quest or raid with them. If you are looking for a kin to fit your style of gaming, why not give us a try?

We are a kinship which encourages the option of light RP. We don't venture into the realms of medium or heavy RP as that can frequently create drama, which is something we like to avoid. The RP story of THE OATHSWORN is that Kimiakane was raised by an elder elven couple and was married to an elven lord, Jeremiya. Lord Elrond & the White Council summoned us before them and entrusted us to gather heroic individuals of all races throughout Arda and to recruit them to swear an oath to assemble and defend the free peoples of Middle-Earth from the forces of darkness, especially those from places such as Isengard, Angmar & Mordor. We communicate with each other over vast distances with the help of a small elven gem presented to all within the kin as well as our kinship allies. The magical stone is called "Whisperwind" & we have a chat channel for that. That is the basic set-up of our RP...and remember...NO one but the Fellowship of the Ring & the White Council knows about the One Ring to rule them all!

This is our 4th kinsite (kin website) and was born to coincide with our 7th kin anniversary! We are also still maintaining our original kin websites which are located at and (however our first kinsite at guildportal has been deleted). You can go these to read the classic forums and see some photos from our earlier days. Think of it as a kin history lesson, lol. However, if you have any comments, suggestions, or just want to get social and know each other, this is our primary kinsite now. If you should happen across a kin website for the Oathsworn of Landroval, they are our sister kinship on that server. They are a wonderful lore-centric Heavy RP kinship lead by our good friend Thorvall. If you wish to join our kin on Windfola, then their site is NOT the one to request membership on, unless of course you wish to join both & play on both servers!

Our kinship almost always has at least one OO (Oathsworn Officer) online 24/7 so it's easy to find us and get recruited. To search for someone to recruit you in, simply open up your Social Panel and go to the first tab on top which says FELLOWING. You'll see a FILTER box on the right hand side, and in there you should type OATHSWORN, and then press the ENTER tab on your keyboard. You'll see a complete list of all Oathsworn online at the time and just pick one to talk to. If they aren't an officer, they'll connect you to one who is as we almost always have officers online.

When you join us you will have a probationary period of 30 days before being promoted to a full kinsman. This gives you time to evaluate us as well as giving us time to evaluate if you are the right fit for our style of game play. We have a policy where you will never be booted from the kinship for inactivity unless you have been gone from the game for over 1 year, just as if you have not paid for your in-game house for 1 year, Turbine boots you from it. Also, if you are a kinsperson and have been inactive for 6 or more months, you will be demoted to recruit status once again, and must review all kin policies when you return to make sure you are up-to-date on all aspects of the kinship before resuming your status as full kinsperson. We ask you try to be as active as possible in these forums as we provide useful information, experienced views and helpful links that will help you enjoy the game to it's fullest potential! Thank you for joining us, or your consideration!
Leader & Mom of the Oathsworn! :)
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