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As a member of the Oathsworn you are a representative of our kinship. How others view your behavior is a reflection upon us and so we have policies on the use of the Chat Channels (LFF, GLFF, Trade, Advice, OOC, Regional, Say, Emote, Kin, Global, Fellowship, Raid & our Alliance Chat channels (Whisperwind & WAC).

  1. No discussions of a political nature.
  2. No discussions of religion other than the simple offer to include someone in your prayers.
  3. No R-rated language. No F-bombs, S-bombs or GDs (the rest should be okay, thank you).
  4. You must respect everyone at all times and avoid criticism, insults and name-calling.
  5. All FELLOWSHIP chat, ALLIANCE chat, MOORS chat or RAID chat must stay in those channels and avoid spilling over into Kin Chat.
  6. No begging of money, mats or gear in chat. It's okay to ask once, but you may not ask more than once per hour. Also we do not buy/sell in our kin or alliance chats...that is what the Trade Channel is for.
  7. No discussions of a sexual nature.
  8. Personal conversations are for IMS tells and not for kin chat.
  9. No questions about anyone's RL (real life). Any personal information must only be freely given and never inquired. Avoid sharing too much personal information for your own protection and also to be considerate of other kinsfolk's time.
  10. No unnecessary chat flooding the channel: i.e. Sharing that you just passed gas, you just farmed a mat here & there, you just killed a goblin here & there, etc. Chat channels are for bonding, yes, but to excessively flood them is an annoyance to most here, especially if they are trying to use the channel to ask a game related question, or asking for assistance. Use the channels responsively.
  11. Absolutely no potentially illegal activity should be discussed in chat, including violence against others in RL or in-game, drug use, rape just as a few examples. The sharing of cheat codes or the approval of using them in any kind of chat is unacceptible.
  12. Avoid negativity against LOTRO or rants of any nature. We are here to enjoy the game and have fun and it is never fun to listen to somone complain excessively about the game we are trying to play or any other subject for that matter.
We created the WHISPERWIND channel to communicate with our sub-kinships; Oathsworn II, III, IV & V, The Crimson Blades, The Tribal Knights, Light in Darkness, The Spartans of Middle Earth & The Seekers of Respite. As we are allied with several other kins, we have an alliance chat channel with a few other kinships. this channel was established so in the event you need help on a fellowship quest, skirmish, etc. and can't find enough help from within the kin, you may be able to recruit help from the allied kins. We are allied with Easy Company, the Watch, Night's Watch, the Warriors of Freedom, the Rangers of the Myst, Consul of the Fallen, the Pathfinders, Inner Circle, Heroic Egos, Danger Associated and more.

You would need to create the chat channel by typing "/joinchannel Whisperwind" and assigning it to whatever number you wish. you may also want to change the color of the type so it shows up differently (it defaults to white). To use it you just type in "/1" (or whatever number you have it assigned as) and press enter. Enjoy!

*PS: We are also part of the WINDFOLA ALLIANCE COUNCIL but to get access to that channel you must get the sign-up information from an OO (Oathsworn Officer).
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