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Be respectful when asking for help of any kind. Spamming or harassing members for help is NOT allowed. Quest in areas around your level. If you need help and no one can, move on and come back to those quests/areas later.*

LOTRO is a MMORPG that was designed to be soloable in nature so that one can level up their toons without doing groups. They even changed the game after a while to make all the Epic quests soloable as well. There are still a bit of small fellowship quests, large fellowship quests, raids and skirmishes which require groups, however, but these quests are not mandatory to level up your toons. Many of us don't do them, for example, Jere & I have either deleted or not accepted most fellowship quests, or if we do, we just sit on them until we're confident we can solo them.

When you do ask someone to help you, it's important to realize exactly what you are asking of the person(s) involved. You are asking them to stop whatever it is they are doing in the game, which is likely something they are doing to advance their character, crafting, or assisting someone else. This is something that they may be paying a monthly fee to do. Then consider travel costs. They will spend many stable fees, then they may spend a good fortune getting to where you are just to help you. It is easy for them to spend well over 100 silver just to get to you from where they were, and that doesn't count their return costs! Then there is repair costs and more to consider as well. The bottom line is, don't ask for quest help unless you really need it, and if you do need it, then understand what the person(s) is really doing to help you. Quest help is nothing to be taken for granted and quests should be done at level or less.

We take a firm stand on our rules concerning Fellowship questing, be it raids, skraids, skirmishes, instances, fellowship quests, warbands, deeding or whatever may require groupings. To make it simple, all of the above will be referred to as a "quest."

  1. It is out of consideration to your kinsfolk and to clearly comprehend that this game is a way of having some fun while escaping Real Life for a while. Some of us may have no family obligations, career or educational obligations, etc. and have unlimited time to play the game. Most people do not. You may NOT ask for help on anything unless you are completely committed to finishing the quest without interruption. Bios may not exceed 5 minutes. By the same token, NEVER join a quest (even if you are the one offering to help someone else) unless you are completely committed to completing the quest without interruption, unless you state in advance that you can only assist briefly. Also, if your intention is to do a series of quests, you MUST state your intention before beginning.
  2. Loot Rules must be established by the group leader at the beginning of each quest. If you have items appearing that are class specific for the toon you are on at the time, you should state as much. If the item is for an alt, you must make sure in the beginning of the grouping that everyone else on the quest is okay with you looting the item for said alt. Do NOT loot "bound on acquire" items unless your toon can actually use the item.

Our Oathsworn Officers are also happy to help you, assuming they have the time to do so. It is important to remember that most of us have leveled ourselves without help from others. This game is entertainment for us all, and is not a job we are being paid for. No one MUST help you complete fellowship quests just because they are officers. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help, but if no one is available because they are doing their own questing, crafting or something else, you must respect their right to do so!
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