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It is important to remember that we all find & collect materials (hides, ore, wood, jewels, plants & critical items) as we quest. The items found are usually level appropriate and are used to craft the weapons, armour, perks & consumables we need at that level. We all play this game as entertainment and we are not paid to be officers. If you need upgrades in gear and can't craft them yourselves, it is your responsibility to collect the mats needed for your upgrades and to give them to the person you ask to craft for you. Frequently crafted items also require additional ingredients the crafter must buy from a vendor, not to forget time spent in the crafting & probably stable costs as well for the crafter to get to the appropriate crafting hall. No one has a limitless supply of mats or coin, and the crafter should not be expected to buy or give you anything for their help to you. Thank you for your consideration & gratitude of your kind kinsfolk!

Lotro-wiki has a perfect guide for Crafting mat locations at
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