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In The Oathsworn, being an Officer means that it is your duty to assist other kinsfolk with questing and crafting. We define Questing as Large or Small Fellowship quests, not skirmishes or solo quests. Helping with Crafting would be a willingness to make something for kinsfolk or to help them farm for mats. Now, that said, it should be understood that you aren't expected to give up your own personal time all the time, just simply demonstrate a willingness to help your kin more often than not, is all that is required.

It should be understood that all Oathsworn kinsfolk should be able to do material farming on their own IF they can (especially when asking another person to craft something for them), and should do solo quests on their own, unless they really can't manage to achieve that occasional toughie that is their current level or less.

Officers should also recruit new members whenever they have the chance, and to instruct them on the policies of our kin. We highly encourage Mentoring new players to help them learn how to play the game!

There is no log-on time requirement, however if you have been out of the game for 30 or more days, you are required to re-read through kinship rules and policies to make sure you are up to date with current rules and status updates. If you are taking a hiatus from the game, we ask that you let us know so there is no mystery around your disappearence. Once an officer has been gone for 4 months, they will be demoted to a kinsman again, but can be re-promoted once they are completely current upon updates in all kin policies. After 6 months of inactivity, the person will be demoted to recruit status, but again can be promoted to OO again once they are current on all policies and have demonstrated they are the type of person who can live up to the present expectations of being one of the OO. Also, Officers have additional kin website permissions and are encouraged to add things to enhance that website as a tool for the kinship.

You should make every attempt to participate in kin chat especially to answer questions about the game. You should lead by example by following the rules we have established for chat, and caution those who don't. Avoid negativity about the game and other people in kin chat. Also participation in Officer chat is very necessary in assisting in making decisons which may require your opinion as an online officer at the time. If you are an OO and should quit the kinship for any reason and then rejoin, you can forego the probationary recruit period but must wait 60 days before reapplying for the OO position and have shown a willingness to perform the usual duties that prompts the promotion for all regular kinsfolk.

If you've been in our kinship for at least 60 days, have shown you have a willingness to help your kinsfolk, and want a promotion...please let an Officer know so they can chose to sponsor you and we'll vote on it. Thank you!

Kimi, Care, & The OO (Oathsworn Officers)
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