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We are allied with numerous kinships and fellow with them in raids and large quests. We communicate with them via the WAC (Windfola Alliance Council) and the Whisperwind Alliance chat channels. When fellowed with them, please make sure you represent our kinship well and give all due respect to their members as they are good friends of ours.

Winfdola Alliance Council
Thorns of Telperion
Frodo's Friends
The Kindred
House of Blackrock
The Watch
Night's Watch
Light and Flame
Dawning Eclipse
Tribal Knights
The Valkyries

Sister Kinships
Oathsworn II
Oathsworn III
Oathsworn IV
Oathsworn V
Oathsworn Order of Mages
Pride of the Mark
Seekers of Respite

Through Whisperwind we are allied with some of the same kinships, in addition to the following kinships:

Whisperind Allied Kins
None at this time
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A lot of people have asked what is the difference between an allied kinship and a "sister" kinship, so this should hopefully clarify things a bit.

An Allied Kinship is one whom we have a semi-close relationship with. They are friends of ours either through the Windfola Alliance Charter (which is the server's oldest & largest kin alliance network, consisting mostly of beta-founded kins or kinships accepted by the old kins in the group), or they may not be part of WA but still a kinship we consider as allies good enough to fellow &/or raid with. The latter kins we have permitted to use our own kin chat channel, Whisperwind, whereas WA has it's own chat channel. See our policies on chat channels for more clarification.

A Sister Kinship is a sub-kin of the Oathsworn. This may be a kin which was founded as the sole purpose of being a sub-kin, or it may have been a kin which decided to merge into our kinship and become one with us for purposes of becoming a part of our grand old historic kinship and being part of a huge family of dedicated LOTRO players, not unlike a specialized branch of the armed forces (Green Berets, Seals, Royal Scottish Guards, etc.). It is a much deeper bond than a simple allied kinship for the sister kinship truly becomes a part of our family.

A sub-kin acknowledges that The Oathsworn is the primary kinship and that they will follow all P&Ps of the main kinship. They are representatives of the Oathsworn just as much as anyone in the main kinship. The leaders & officers of a sub-kin will also have a minimum of one alt that is in the main Oathsworn kinship, but may have as many as they wish above the minimum one toon. Also, any sub-kin that does not have an alt of the Oathsworn Kin leader as it's official leader MUST have the Oathsworn Leader as it's Co-Leader! This way if the sub-kin's leader goes on a long hiatus, the kin will maintain all functions by the main kin Leader. Regular kinsfolk may also have alts in the main Oathsworn kinship if they wish, but it is not required. The sub-kin must also move their kin house within one of the Oathsworn-only neighborhoods and allow permissions to the list of Officers who are currently allowed access to all Oathsworn Kin Halls. Subsequently, the same holds true in reverse as the sub-kin's officers will have access to all other Oathsworn Kin Halls. Sub-kins will use Whisperwind on a regular basis to easily communicate with the main kinship in the same manner as kin chat.
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