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Splitting Stacks
Not everyone knows how to do SPLIT STACKS OF ITEMS apparently as the items we store for kinnies doing their class quests (lvl 45-50) are occasionally taken by the full stack of up to 100. To split a stacked item such as these quest items, potions, food, crafting mats, take the item out of the vault, put it in your bag, then press SHIFT (keeping it pressed) and drag the item to an open space, and release. The program will then ask you "how many items to drag?" Using the arrows you can click how many you need and then press OK.

This way you can put back what you don't need and leave it for someone else who will be in need. Remember, we all are kinnen and we share with each other, which is why those items are in the chests to begin with. If you took a whole stack and didn't know what to do with the excess, please bring them back and put them back in the kin chests for others to use. Thank you all for sharing and caring! Happy hunting!

About Our Kinship Halls
We presently have 1 Kinship Hall and several other homes which are available for kin use. The chests within the following houses contain potions, food, armour, etc. that kinsfolk leave there for other kinsfolk in need. If you have something to share, kindly have an officer put it in for others to use as well, thank you!

Due to several chest raids at the main house (stealing every item in the house), all kin chest access in every house is now OO only! Officers will be happy to do some "free shopping" on your behalf providing they have the time to do so. Simply post in kin chat or send a tell and hopefully an OO will assist you.

  • Main Kin Hall is at 2 Waterbank Road, the Celon Vaer subdivision in the Falathlorn Homesteads, and contains gear only.

The house is at 2 Haven Way, the Celon Vaer subdivision in the Falathlorn Homesteads. Items in this house should only be crafting items.

Located at 1 Twinfall Path, Celon Vaer subdivision in the Falathlorn Homesteads. Items in this house are Gear, Potions & Food.

Located at 11 Haven Way, Celon Vaer subdivision. Items in this house are the Level 45-50 Class Quest items.

The new location of the 32 deed paintings is in the house of Yunna @ 12 Haven Way, Celon Vaer subdivision. All OO have access to it in the names they provided to me for permissions. At your request if they are able, they will be happy to take you there so you can achieve both deeds, get a title & some TP + 2 paintings (one of Moria & one of Eriador). AGAIN, you put these 32 paintings in your bag & then put them back in the chest for others to get the deed. The ONLY 2 paintings you will take with you are the 1 MAP of MORIA painting & the 1 MAP of ERIADOR painting that you get as prizes for completing the deeds. The OO who escorts you will verify that all 32 paintings are returned.

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(Subject to change—if something is withdrawn or deposited, please contact me so I can update the list)

2 Waterbank Road
Weapons, Armour, Jewelry

• High Officer’s Armor
• Potent Resolute on Gloves of Penetration x2
• Superior Searcher’s Hat
• Orc-Pillager’s Leather Helmet
• Leggings of Courage
• Fine Linen Cloak
• Cloak of Buried Knowledge
• Cloak of Repose
• Potent Resolute Cloak of Penetration
• Battle-Scarred Armour
• Vibrant Eastemnet Assault Gloves
• Greater Resolute Gloves of Penetration
• Greater Resolute Gloves of Tactics
• Greater Resolute Leggings of Penetration
• Greater Valorous Boots of Finesse
• Magnificent Master’s Hooded Cloak
• Supple Ardent Cloak of the Wold x3
• Supple Scholarly Cloak of the Wold x2
• Supple Watchful Cloak of the Wold x5
• Cloak of Peaceful Repose

• Captain’s Filikul Spear of the Second Age
• Fine Bronze Dagger
• Fine Steel Dagger
• Potent Calenard Combat Dagger x2
• Fine Steel Axe
• Precise Westernesse Axe
• Polished Westernesse Headsman’s Axe of Combat
• Enduring Great Axe of the Goblin-Wars
• Smooth Holly Hammer
• Tempered Dwarf-Craft Mace of Power
• Mace of Stamina
• Thain’s Mace of Combat
• Exquisite Black Ash Club
• Beast-Render
• Thain’s Sword of Combat
• Strong Calenard War Sword x2
• Spear of Weakness
• Smooth Holly Spear
• Polished Scout’s Spear
• Khazad-Gold Icy Rune-Stone
• Weakened Bow of Power and Grace
• Potent Eastemnet Assault Dagger x2
• Exquisite Premium Flute of the Wary Watcher
• Exquisite Premium Theorbo
• Strong Axe of the Stalwart
• Greater Dexterous Mace of Penetration
• Ornate Yew Great Club of Combat
• Fine Anorien Dexterous Sword x2
• Strong Spear of Jagged-Spines
• Crafted Javelin of Seeking
• Crafted Halberd of the Watch
• Strong Mace of Furious Echoes
• Strong Staff of the Eternal Sun
• Exceptional Sword of the Swift and Strong
• Mirrored Ancient Steel Axe of Combat
• Mirrored Ancient Steel Sword of Combat
• Halli's Hand

• Fine Agate Bracelet of Blocking
• Brilliant Silver Ringt
• Ring of Peace
• Turtle-Shell Bracelet x2
• Ranger’s Greenwood Necklace
• Treated Necklace
• Splendid Green Garnet Necklace of The Warrior
• Splendid Potent Green Garnet Bracelet
• Red Agate Necklace of Skill x2
• Red Agate Ring of Skill x2
• Potent Valorous Bracelet of Finesse
• Splendid Resolute Green Garnet Bracelet
• Potent Valorous Necklace of Finesse
• Exquisite Necklace of the Rabbit
• Exquisite Red Agate Necklace of Endurance
• Forsaken Wight’s Choker
• Greater Steadfast Necklace of Fate
• Exquisite Anorien Earring of Combat

1 Twinfall Path
Potions and Crafting

• Tools of the Supreme Yeoman
• Tools of the Eastemnet Woodsman
• 19 Eorlingas Metalsmith’s Scroll Cases
• 10 Compendiums of Middle-Earth, Volume I
• 6 Compendiums of Middle-Earth, Volume IV
• 55 Legendary Fragments
• 10 Legendary Shards
• 3 Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor
• 2 Tarnished Symbols of Celebrimbor
• 4 Blemished Symbols of Celebrimbor
• 3 Flawed Symbols of Celebrimbor
• Engraved Ruby Obsidian Rune-Stone Recipe
• Talisman of the Lynx
• Engraved Adamant Earring Recipe
• 4 Engraved Adamant Icy Rune-Stone Recipes
• 2 Engraved Adamant Ring Recipes
• Talisman of the Tundra Cub Recipe
• 9 Engraved Beryl Flint Rune-Stone Recipes
• 6 Talisman of the Eagle Recipes
• 5 Dawn-Rose Obsidian Rune-Stone Recipes
• 4 Talisman of the Bog-Guardian Recipes
• 5 Talisman of the Sabre-Cat Recipes

Potions (Morale)
• 182 Lesser Athelas Essences
• 15 Refined Athelas Essences
• 3 Distilled Athelas Essences
• 42 Infused Athelas Essences
• 74 Pure Athelas Essences
• 85 Potent Athelas Essences
• 65 Steeped Athelas Essences
• 25 Westfold Athelas Essences
• 136 Rohirric Athelas Essences
• 50 Riddermark Athelas Essences
• 3 Apprentice Ingredient Packs
• 4 Eggs and Onions
• 10 Fried Mushrooms
• 20 Blueberry Tarts
• 31 Pork Sausages
• 50 Plates of Roasted Boar with Aromatic Vegetables
• ‘Above Weathertop’ Painting

11 Haven Way
45-50 Class Items and Rep Items

45-50 Class Quest items
• 10 Barbed Barghest Tails
• 49 Bubbling Droplets
• 109 Clouded Worm Eyes
• 62 Coiled Spider Spinnerets
• 165 Gem-Encrusted Nails
• 184 Glossy Cave-Claw Skins
• 24 Grisly Bat Talons
• 11 Hateful Worm Eyes
• 111 Hooked Warg Claws
• 121 Mottled Spider Mandibles
• 87 Rotted Barghest Paws
• 132 Splintered Warg Claws
• 59 Unyielding Drake Scales
• 5 Ashen Gorthorog Horns
• Badge of Command
• 2 Bloodstained Tally Sticks
• 3 Crimson Gorthorog Horns
• 4 Cruel Talons of Azgoth
• 5 Emblems of Ritual
• 5 Flawless Scales of Lhugrien
• 6 Goblin Badges of Rank
• 10 Insignias of Battle
• 4 Medallions of Passage
• 3 Runes of Evil Presence
• 3 Runes of Winged Dominance
• 4 Sigils of War
• 12 Teeth of the Gorthorog
• 7 Warg- Keeper’s Tokens

Reputation Items

• 100 Bands of Numenor
• 63 Cardolan-Trinkets

12 Haven Way
Deed Maps and Overflow

(See Care's Post)

Jewelry Overflow
• Polished Necklace of the Hart x2
• Greater Dextrous Earring of Penetration
• Superb Necklace of the Hart
• Elegant Earring of the Fox
• Peerless Bracelet of the Fox
• Peerless Ring of the Aurochs

2 Twinfall Path
Cosmetics, Essences, Pocket Items

• Simbelmyne Cloak
• Extravagant Festival Robe
• Simbelymyne Dress
• Exquisite Long-Sleeved Dress x3
• Exquisite Short-Sleeved Dress
• Mathom Long-Sleeved Dress
• Short-Sleeved Dwarf-Make Dress
• Green Ceremonial Dress
• Extravert Festival Cap
• Extravagant Festival Hat
• Simbelmyne Circlet
• Extravagant Festival Gloves

• Major Essences of Tactical Mastery x4
• Greater Essence of Finesse
• Greater Essence of Blocking
• Greater Essence of Critical Defense x5
• Greater Essence of Critical Rating x3
• Greater Essences of Fate x2
• Greater Essence of Finesse
• Greater Essence of Incoming Healing x5
• Greater Essence of Might x2
• Greater Essence of Parrying x12
• Greater Essence of Physical Mastery
• Greater Essence of Physical Mitigation x5
• Greater Essence of Power
• Greater Essence of Resistance
• Greater Essence of Tactical Mastery
• Greater Essence of Tactical Mitigation x3
• Supreme Essence of Critical Rating
• Supreme Essence of Parrying x2
• Supreme Essence of Physical Mitigation

• 2 Tomes of Continuing Mark Acquisition

Pocket Items
• Engraved Adamant Brooch of Rage
• Delicate Fur of Fleetness
• Delicate Fur of Might
• Polished Scale of Might
• Delicate Fur of Fate
• Obsidian Marble
• Polished Canine of Fleetness
• Polished Claw of Endurance
• Polished Claw of Endurance
• Greater Valorous Bauble of Finesse
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Thank you for all your hard work, Rese! It makes paying the upkeep for the last couple years on all those houses worth it!!!
Leader & Mom of the Oathsworn! :)
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