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Lang Rhuven Starter Quests

Date: Jun 17, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Miriean
Category: Raids
Alliance Event: Yes
Back by request: Lang Rhuven starter quests

Once again, we are going to run the Lang Rhuven quests, as well as the Skoironk and Tower of Teeth quests that you need to unlock the resource instances in The Wastes. The Lang Rhuven quests come in three sets of three. We will do all the quests that everyone in the group needs. If someone needs to do the first set, we will complete those, and then move on to the second and third sets. If no one needs the first set, but needs the second, we will skip the first, and start with the second set, and move forward. You get the drift.

These are not the dailies. We can try to pick them up on the way, but the dailies will not be our focus.

Don't be shy if you've done them already. Join us anyway! There's a small landscape quest to unlock the LR quests in the Slag Hills, so please meet by the Slag Hills milestone by start time.

If you have any questions, please PM or msg me.

Miri :)
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Would like to get mini flagged but if Deathbud needed no biggie.

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