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Year 7 Trifles: This Time with Feeling II

Date: Jun 10, 2017
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Miriean
Category: Raids
Alliance Event: Yes
On Saturday, June 10th at 8:30 pm EDT, we will be running through the instances needed to complete the Year 7 Trifles: This Time with Feeling. The Trifles are a scavenger hunt card where you perform emotes at bosses in different instances. If we race through these and have time, we'll do the Year 2 Trifles emotes as well.

You don't need to do all three cards to unlock the next year, so if you're still on a lower year, you can do one card from each year until you get to Year 7. The quest says that the instances you need are Ost Dunhoth, Tower of Orthanc and The Vile Maw. We will be running the instances on their lowest level at T1. So, if you have a toon at a lower level with these instances unlocked, it should be ok to bring it.

Please be sure you have all the instances you need for this unlocked and discovered, and be ready to go at start time.

Miri :)
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If my phone's quiet, I'll gladly come along for ToO. Not a big fan of the others, though.
I haven't been doing the anniversary quests so I won't be there.
I haven't either; just enjoy doing some of the instances that (apparently) pop up through the course of them.
I definitely need this. Not sure how I will accomplish them on all 10 of my characters before it ends in July.
I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish them all by July on my one capped toon. lol

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