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Old Anorien Warbands and Roving Threats

Date: Jun 09, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Miriean
Category: Raids
Alliance Event: Yes
This week, Friday June 9th at 9 pm EDT, we will be taking on the the warbands and Roving Threats of Old Anorien. The Roving Threats will be the three in Eastern Gondor, since I'm told they give a trait point. The warbands will be throughout Old Anorien.

Please sign up below, meet by the Pre-Battle Minas Tirith main gate by the start time.

Any questions, PM or message me in game.

Miri :)
Tank (1)

6. Tarvic Guardian

Damage (3)

3. Arinon Champion

4. Ilgorn Captain

5. Cordeilas Burglar

Support (2)

1. Geldiras Rune-keeper

2. Pendramir Lore-master



Will change to my RK for Old Anorien
It's disturbing that shivtr can't allow us to change our character properly. I'll be bringing my burg Obscuro since my LM has already completed this.

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