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Maethad / Mar 04, 2017
Update 20 has been released on Bullroarer. Release notes can be found here:

Notable features:

The world has a new area, "The Wastes" with 3 new regions: Noman-lands, Dagorlad, and the Slag-hills. You can access this area and start the new quest content in the Camp of the Host.

Two new resource dungeons: After completing the required quests, you can enter solo versions of Skoironk and Carchost using the doors found in the Slag Hills. For the fellowship versions of the dungeons you will need to speak to nearby npcs after completing the fellowship quests.

Imbued Legacy Tiers have been extended by 10 levels. Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default and another 5 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. The main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with star-lit crystals.

The following emotes now have animations: assist, attack, blush, brb, curtsey, drool, fight, grumble, hug, innocent, mumble, pat, ready, resist, rest, stare, stretch, succumb, sweat, tear, wait, & wink. "Nothing" should be the only text-only emote remaining for all races now. The /pat emote chat text has been changed to reflect the new animation. The hug emote will now show hugging self animation.